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George Brough manufactured motorcycles and cars using the Brough Superior signature, from 1919 to 1940. All of the 3048 machines built were also called the "Comes-Royce of Motorcycles". T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") possessed seven bikes and died  while crashes one and George Bernard Shaw was another celebrity "for eachutteranceh with Brough items.

Brough Superior motorcycles will always be rare, costly and liked by lots of celebs, still being preferred by lots of motorcycle enthusiasts.  In 2007, prices ranged from $40,000 to greater than $3,000,000 USD for this type of bike.

If there is any possibility that the motorcycle could fail the exam, it had been reclaimed towards the shop, so, due to this status of perfection and due to our prime cost, they were similar to the Comes-Royce cars.

In 1940, George stopped motorcycle manufacture and centered on creating aircraft components. He ongoing building precision engineer's tools and Brough Superior parts for several years before his dying in 1969.

George Brough put his signature on cars too, making 85 automobiles between 1935 and 1939. The first used a 114 Hewlett Packard, 4168cc side valve, straight 8 engine and may "fly" with 90 mph.Then it had beenn just a little sister with simply 107 HewlettPackardd. The final person in this family was the XII, run by a Lincoln subsequently-Zephyr V12 engine of 4387 cc, born in 1938.

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