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Cagiva was established in 1950 in Varese by Giovanni Castiglioni to produce small metal elements. The name, Cagiva, is a derivation from the name of the founders and the location the company was founded (Castiglioni Giovanni Varese). Thus, it is a portmanteau.

Giovanni’s sons, Claudio and Gianfranco, opted for the motorcycle business in 1978 and introduced the first Cagiva motorcycles with two racing bikes. Marco Lucchinelli and Gianfranco Bonera rode them. 1978 was a big year for Cagiva because they also bought a factory from Aermacchill AMF Harley-Davidson in Schiranna, a frazione in Varese. The firm then dived fully into motorcycle production. By 1979, they had hit annual production of 40,000 units.

In 1983, the firm joined the big displacement market by sourcing Ducati four-stroke V-twin engines. The engines ranged from 350cc to 1000cc. In 1985, Cagiva acquired Ducati and retained the brand because it was more famous outside Italy. However, the company retained the production location, Bologna. Two engines built by Cagiva in Varese Cagiva Ala Azzurra (Alazzurra) and Elefant with Ducati engines hit the market.

The firm bought more companies: Moto Morini in 1985; Husqvarna in 1987; and the trademarks for the MV Agusta in 1991.

In 1996, the Texas Pacific Group made an offer which Cagiva accepted. Cagiva then sold the Ducati and Moto Morini brands. The company underwent restructuring in 1999, and MV Agusta became the leading brand. Cagiva and Husqvarna were produced and sold under this new brand name.

Harley-Davidson acquired MV Agusta in 2008. The following year, Harley-Davidson went on the market and was purchased by Claudio Castiglioni, the founder’s son. In 2009, the company cut short production of the Cagiva roadster.

With increasingly rigid environmental emission concerns, production of Mitos was brought to a halt. The last few Mito motorcycles were the SPC525s, white model. They were signed off by Giovanni Castiglioni, MV Agusta’s CEO. The last Cagiva-branded motorcycles were Mito 125cc and the Raptor models. Production today concentrates on the MV Agusta brand.

The firm is renowned for its series of on-road models which range from 125cc to 1000cc. Motorcycle enthusiasts love them for their exceptional balance and technique. The motorcycles are also stylish and competitively priced.

Cagiva has enjoyed victories in the Grand Prix 500 World Championship and also come out triumphant in the arduous Paris-Dakar off-road competition. Besides that, it has also been repeatedly victorious in multiple motocross races.


CAGIVA Roadster 1992 - 1996 2
CAGIVA Elefant 1982 - 1996 38
CAGIVA Raptor 1997 - present 11
CAGIVA SST 1978 - 1980 3
CAGIVA River 1994 - 2000 2
CAGIVA Mito 1989 - present 31
CAGIVA Aletta Oro 1984 - 1986 2
CAGIVA Super City 1991 - 1992 1
CAGIVA Freccia 1986 - 1992 8
CAGIVA Canyon 1995 - 1999 4
CAGIVA T4 1986 - 1988 3
CAGIVA W 1990 - 1994 3
CAGIVA Gran Canyon 1997 - 2000 3
CAGIVA Navigator 1999 - 2005 3
CAGIVA SXT 1981 - 1983 3
CAGIVA V-Raptor 1999 - 2003 4
CAGIVA Custom 1987 - 1988 1
CAGIVA RX 1980 - 1981 1
CAGIVA Alazzurra 1984 - 1985 3
CAGIVA Cruiser 1986 - 1987 1

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