Paperwork Required When Buying a Car in Idaho

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

In Idaho, you will need to get the required documents from the seller in order to register and title your newly purchased car. The documents that you need include the vehicle title and bill of sale. The, you need to take these documents to your local Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to register and title the car in your name. If you purchase a car from a private seller, you will need to handle the required paperwork yourself. If you purchase it from a dealer, they are likely to handle paperwork for car registration and titling on your behalf. Continue reading this article to get more information about the required paperwork required when buying a car in Idaho.

Paperwork for Idaho Car Buyers

You must get the required documents from the seller and submit them to the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicle when registering your car. The most important document that you need is the vehicle title. This document includes:

  • The seller’s signature.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • The date of the sale.
  • Your name, address, and signature.
  • The purchase price.
  • An odometer disclosure, if the car is less than 10 years old.

Missing Title

Don’t be misled into buying a car without a title certificate. If the title is missing, ask the seller to apply for a duplicate copy before selling the car.

Idaho Title Transfer

To transfer the title certificate into your name, you will simply go in person to the nearest Idaho county assessor’s office. You must apply for a title within 30 days of your vehicle purchase. The Idaho Department of Motor Vehicle will conduct the VIN inspection to determine its validity. This inspection can be conducted by a police officer or officers from the sheriff’s departments. If you pass the VIN inspection, you will need to pay:

  • $14 title transfer fee.
  • 6% sales tax.

NOTE: If you paid tax to a dealer from another state, be sure to bring documentation.

Idaho Car Registration

Vehicle registration and title transfer can be done simultaneously in person at your Idaho county assessor’s office. Be sure to take with you:

  • Bill of sale (if needed).
  • The vehicle title.
  • $35 to $60 registration fees, based on your location and vehicle year.

Note: If you reside in Ada County, you must also pay a highway fee of $24 to $40. After submitting the required documentation and fee, you will then receive a new license plate.

Vehicle History Reports in Idaho

To avoid vehicle fraud and to obtain correct information about the vehicle you want to purchase, request a vehicle history report. This document is important since it contains detailed information on recent odometer readings, damage to the vehicle, repair history and other useful information.

Idaho Lemon Law

Idaho has a lemon law that covers vehicles from the manufacturer that come with defects. The vehicles covered by this law include:

  • Those with fewer than 24,000 miles.
  • Those that are younger than 2 years old.
  • Those that are under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If your newly bought vehicle meets the above requirements, you can report the problem to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer fails to comply with the matter, you can then request arbitration.