Paperwork Required when Buying a Car in Kentucky

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

When you buy a car from a private seller in Kentucky, you must get the required documentation from the seller in order to register and title the vehicle with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC). Continue reading this article to get more information about the paperwork required when buying a car in Kentucky.

Buying a Car in Kentucky

You can either purchase a car from a private seller or from a dealership. Regardless of where you purchase it from, you must obtain the vehicle title and transfer it to your name. To do so, you and the seller must fill the information on the back of the title and submit it to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KTC). Be wary of vehicles without a title. If it is missing or lost, ask the seller to apply for a duplicate title before paying any money to them.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is not required when registering or titling the car in your name. This document is however needed. It is an important document that shows your name, the seller’s name, the vehicle purchase price and other vital information. You can use this form to show proof of ownership if questions arises challenging the legality of vehicle ownership.

Title and Registration Transfer

To transfer ownership of the vehicle to your name, the registration and title must be transferred to you. You and the seller must fill and complete:

  • Information on the back of the vehicle title or
  • Form TC 96-182 (Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration).

Any of the above documentation must accompany the original certificate of title. Both the seller and you must go to any local Kentucky county clerk office with:

  • Proof of insurance for the vehicle.
  • The title completed on the back or Form TC 96-182.
  • The current vehicle registration papers.
  • Valid photo ID (national ID or Kentucky driver’s license).
  • Payment for the title transfer fees.

Required fees and taxes

  • Title fee: $9.
  • Transfer fee: $17.
  • Payment for 6% usage tax, which vary depending on vehicle retail value and purchase price.
  • $21 registration renewal fee.

Vehicle History Reports

A Vehicle History Report is not required when registering and titling your car. However, this report is important for you since it provides useful information about a vehicle that you are buying. Some of the information in this report includes:

  • Past accidents.
  • An odometer estimate.
  • Damage from accidents, floods, or other events.

Using a vehicle history report, you can confirm what the seller is saying about their vehicle.

Odometer Rollback in Kentucky

It is against the law to tamper with the odometer reading. This practice is usually called odometer rollback. You will find some sellers reducing the value of odometer reading to mislead buyers. If you fall a victim of odometer rollback and other car frauds, contact the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection:

  • Online via a contact form.
  • By phone (888) 432-9257.

NOTE: There is a Kentucky lemon law, but this law does not cover used vehicles.