Paperwork Required When Buying a Car in Louisiana

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

In Louisiana, when you buy a car you must submit certain documentation to have the car registered and titled in your name. The required documents include a title certificate and a bill of sale. You must also take the vehicle for inspection and get car insurance. Finally, you must visit the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) to register and title the car. Continue reading this article to get more information about the paperwork required when buying a car in Louisiana.

Paperwork for Louisiana Car Buyers

These are some of the documents that you should obtain from the seller to register the car and for protection purposes:

  • A notarized vehicle title certificate, signed over to you.
  • The odometer disclosure for vehicles less than 10 years old. This can be included in the title or on a separate paper.
  • A notarized bill of sale, which must include the selling price, date of sale, your name and signature, seller’s name and signature.
  • Copy of financing statement if you are financing the car through a loan.

The vehicle must pass inspection on the day of purchase or the seller should provide guarantee that the vehicle will pass inspection at the later date.

Transfer a Louisiana Vehicle Title

The seller must sign the vehicle title over to you in the presence of notary public. The seller must also notify the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle of vehicle ownership transfer. This will help protect the seller in case of fines and tickets received after selling the car.

Lost Title

Avoid purchasing vehicles without a title. If it is missing or damaged, ask the seller to apply for a duplicate copy and give it to you before purchasing the car.

Louisiana Car Titling and Registering

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle is the department that is responsible for registering and titling vehicles. You need to complete and sign Form DPSMV 1799 (Vehicle Application Form) and submit it alongside the required documents, in person at the Louisiana OMV office or by mail using the address listed on the form. The documents required include:

  • Bill of sale.
  • Vehicle title.
  • Financing statement, if applicable.
  • Federal odometer title disclosure if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.
  • Proof of liability insurance.
  • Copy of your current photo ID (Louisiana driver’s license).

Title and Registration Fees

When you register and title your newly bought vehicle for the first time in your name, you will pay:

  • $8 handling fee.
  • $18.50 title fee.
  • $10 or $15 lien fee, if you financed the car.
  • Sales use tax, which vary based on location and selling price.
  • Registration fee, which varies based on the purchase price, vehicle weight and type.
  • In-person transaction fees. These include $1.25 +1% of the total for credit card purchases and $1 for e-check purchases.

A new license plate will be issued to you after submitting the required paperwork and required fees.

Vehicle History Reports

A Vehicle History Report is not required when registering and titling your car. However, this report is important for you since it provides useful information about a vehicle you are buying. Some of the information in this report includes:

  • Past accidents.
  • An odometer estimate.
  • Damage from accidents, floods, or other events.

Using a vehicle history report, you can confirm what the seller is saying about their vehicle.

Lemon Law

The state of Louisiana has a lemon law that covers only new cars. This law protects car consumers from purchasing new vehicles with defects. If you believe you have bought a lemon, you can contact the manufacturer to give you a replacement vehicle.