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Situated at Bievres and produced from CMR, the organization born following the The Second World War. CEMEC would be a French company which created motorcycles from 1948 to 1958. CMRM, rapid forms of Center p Montage et p Réparation, was  a French institution produced to be able to take proper care of the motorcycles "abandoned" through the German military in WW2.

This manufacturer was noted for its 746cc vehicle, constructed from 1926 until 1930 as well as for its motorcycles created from 1959 until 1962, after getting absorbed the process of the Center d'Études pmatterss à Explosion et à Combustion (CEMEC).

The C6S, that could achieve a high speed of 160 km/h, because of its 32 Hewlett Packard, was appreciated by P Gaulle, who did not want German bikes around him.

Afterwards, Ratier was absorbed by Thomson CSF, a significant electronics and defense contractor, in the end of the '60s, the corporation starting the development under Ratier badge. They'd another make an effort to introduce new, however, in 1962, the efforts were useless, so that they centered on producing micro-electronics for Mirage warplane. The CEMEC adventure ended here and no-one meant to reopen it since.

From 1945 on, another association, CEMEC, meaning "center for study of explosion motors", began. Its primary objective ended up being to make certain, that the helpful remainders could be helpful to that French police.

The engines were flat-twins, getting the 2nd Wold War II BMW R12 designs as a supply of inspiration. The only real type of the organization understood eight releases, L7-1 to L7-8. Rater ongoing the road on motorcycles having a 600 cc series C6S, under their very own label, this model getting the working platform from the C8.

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