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The Condor adventure began in 1893, when Edouard Scheffer, a Frenchman, built a factory for metal items in Courvaivre. Within the same year, as he and the brother produced a factory named “Scheffer Freres”, the British and also the French understood the explosion of bicycle production. The Swiss postal services and also the military started to purchase these items, so there is lots of space with this new type of horseless vehicle. To be able to satisfy the market demand, a little motorcycle - actually a strengthened bicycle with 1.5 Hewlett packard, no gears with no clutch - was created. It might achieve a high speed of fifty km/h. After it, two bigger siblings showed up, with 3 Hewlett packard and 5 Hewlett packard engines. The initial step is made, therefore the factory transformed its title in 1901, calling itself “Manufacture Suisse des Cycles et Motos” and before long, “Condor-Werke-AG”.

In 1925, the organization had eleven models on purchase, bikes with various capabilities: 250cc single cylinders and V-twins with 449, 749 and 998cc. However the situation transformed a bit following the The Second World War, when the organization faced lots of problems to find materials. On these conditions, the organization made the decision to build up new models with new engines. Since the MAG engines were no more available, Condor used BMW and Zundapp boxer engines. The very first bikes having a Condor signature onto it were the A580 and also the A750, created for the military. A Condor A1000 - referred to as a Motosacoche A Thousand - having a MAG twin seemed to be created throughout world war 2.

The 50's showed up with a few changes for that A580 and A750, both bikes being upgraded to a different rear suspension and the other front fork, as well as new names: A580-I and A750-I. With that time period, there is a 2 cylinder two stroke 346cc model, known as “racer”, that was effective. Every year, the military needed different machines, so in endnoffrom the 50's, Condor produced for this a 250cc single cylinder machine which used a 246cc Maserati engine. Just 30 bikes were built.

10 years later, another bike, more effective compared to later A250, was produced for the similar Swiss military. For your bike, A350, Condor used a Ducati engine. The device, well-known in Europe, but still getting used through the Swiss military, was the final model created by Condor. The motorcycle production led to 1978, but until 1995 the organization stored manufacturing bicycles.

The entire year 1908 included an easy 1.25 Hewlett packard version having a Motosacoche engine, which in fact had no gearbox and featured bicycle pedals. Before 1914 Condor SA was making bicycles for that Swiss military, bicycles which in fact had lots of technical problems. Every year, being examined through the military and also the police, the models were enhanced and even when following the war the marketplace was overcome with cheap motorcycles from abroad, Condor items opposed, typically the most popular model to be the “Motochassis 250cc”, which in fact had a MAG engine along with a three speed gearbox.

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