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Confederate Motor Clients are a united states motorcycle's manufacturer founded in 1991 by Matthew Chambers. Although the organization relies in Birmingham, Alabama, their first shop was established in New Orleans, in which the first Confederate bike was created in 1994.

The business's bikes are written by Birmingham Speed in the USA as well as their current line-up includes two models, the Hellcat F131 and also the Wraith B120, with a different one known as Renovatio, presently in development.

The Wraith B120 was cloned 250 time. The entire year 2007 introduced it and it is sister, the F131 Hellcat, the foremost and second position correspondingly within the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building show in Sturgis, South Dakota within the production manufacturer category.

Within the Renovatio bike lies a ninety degree water cooled GM engine. The device created by Erectile dysfunction Jacobs uses the fewest pieces possible, is minimal, lightweight and may create a torque of 125 pounds-foot. Having a displacement of 1686cc along with a 4.25x3.62 in bore, stroke, its engine evolves 135 Hewlett packard.The Hellcat F131 is a touch bit more powerful, because of its 149 Hewlett packard and 150 foot. pounds fo torque, as the Wraith B120 has 125 Hewlett packard and evolves a torque of 130 foot. pounds

The Confederate Motor Company experienced some serious damages within the summer time of 2005, once the US was hit through the Hurricane Katrina. His or her factory was broken, had interrupted production and moved procedures to Birmingham, Alabama. Production was started again at the begining of 2006.

Being so different, the organization includes a couple of remarcable clients out there. Confederate Motorcycles are based on Kaira Pitt, Ryan Reynolds and Bruce Springsteen. Tom Cruise, who also is the owner of a Confederate, rode on a single in the year 2006, inside a promotion for that premiere of his Jason Bourne III movie.

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