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CPI is really a Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1991, that has procedures in Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA and Europe. They manufacture scooters, ATVs, Enduro and street bikes. The favorite CPI models would be the Aragon, Popcorn and also the SM.

Being associated with CPI, CPI Europe has got the charge of the sales and Aftersales for that European market. To be able to be effective, a group of European engineers usually have a track of the standard control within the Asian industrial facilities. Each one of these procedures is created by greater than 800 specialized sellers by local marketers in 26 European marketplaces.

All of the Taiwanese motorcycle makers, including CPI, have had the ability to make major inroads in overseas marketplaces, particularly the highly demanding Japanese and European marketplaces, because of the reduced pollution levels and performance of the motorcycles, scooters or ATV's. The technological capacity permitted the Taiwanese motorcycle makers to satisfy the 2nd-stage pollutant emission standards set through the Environmental Protection Administration in 1991. Now, the factors occur 2004 require alternative of two-stroke engines with four-stroke engines.

The EIMCA Milan 2001 and also the INTERMOT 2002 were two of the most basic places in which the Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer demonstrated to possess given serious attention into account the quality of thought. Even when it ranks in sixth place worldwide in motorcycle output, trailing China, the biggest with annual output exceeding ten million models, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan, Taiwan is among the respected source for quality.


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