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CR&S”, the acronym that means Coffee shop racers & Superbikes is really a motorcycle company founded by Roberto Crepaldi in 1992. He opened up a store in Milan to be able to result in the bikes in the '60s-'70s known. In 1993, Crepaldi and John Britten were builbyth a collaboration and also the first CR&S bikbarnrn.

In 1985, John Britten designed the very first bike, having a Ducati engine and that he known as it AERO-D-ZERO. Around the track, later, it arrived at a high speed of 234 kph. In 1988 and 1990, the bike won some speed tests because of individuals 242 kph and 247 kph correspondingly. At age 32, John have been trying to a motorbike the perception of almost 2 yrs which was exactly why he setup th Britten Motorcycle Company in 1992.

The CR&S Britten V1000, because it was named, were built with a couple of effective runs in motorsports competition all over the world, with Nangi Dones, Andrew Stroud, Stephen Briggs or Mark Player riding. In 1998, after a little years once the CR&S got lots of victories around the track, Crepaldi think it is here we are at a Britten single cylinder project to become analyzed and manufactured.

John Britten was created on August 1950 and growing up he loved the engines, building go-karts. At age 13, he handled to exhibit his talent rebuilding an Indian Scout motorcycle. After finishing school and traveling through Europe, Britten came back to NZ and entered business, creating glass lighting.

After John Britten died, in 1995, the CR&S team stopped competing in racing plus they created a single-cylinder bicycle with the aid of Raceco. The bike was said to be manufactured and launched for that motorcycle addicted. In 2004, Roberto Pattoni grew to become partner and technical director in CR&S as well as in September of the identical year the CR&S Vun was introduced.

2006 was filled with occasions for the organization. It introduced two racing prototypes from the CR&S Vun, which in fact had a genuine show at Ducati Speed Week, in Hungary. Within the same year, a couple of models of the animal were shipped in Italia, USA and Germany.  Seven a lot of racing version were presented in the finish of the season at Milan Show.

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