Delaware License Plate Lookup

Check any Delaware License Plate for vehicle history records

Every Delaware citizen who purchases a vehicle must title and register it before it can be driven on the highway. New residents should get it registered within 60 days after becoming citizens of the state, but license plates are required within 30 days for those already living in the state.

License plates can always be purchased at online stores, for that, you can go to or at the DMVs.

The vehicles must pass a safety and emissions inspection conducted by any DMV center before they can be registered, only then can they proceed.

As soon as you receive your license plates, they must be mounted on the back of your vehicle, along with a sticker detailing the expiration date of your license. The DMV office can replace your license plate if it happens to get damaged, lost, or stolen.

You can transfer the previous license plate to the new vehicle if you get a new one. To prove that the plate is yours and you wish to transfer it to the new vehicle, you must provide all documentation of identity and ownership.
Registration for all vehicles can be extended for one or two years.

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    Where and how to look for a license plate in Delaware

    You can find your plate number easily by looking at the issued license plate attached to your car. However, there are instances you need to lookup car license plates without having access to the car physically, you can look it up at your car's Delaware certificate of the title or any documents related to the car.

    After purchasing the vehicle, you are required to follow some procedures

    • First, state law asks you to complete an application before you begin.
    • You need to get it tested for safety and emission inspection.
      Then you are to go for the licensing Institution or lookup sites like
    • Submission of all the vital documentation of the car and owner was asked.
    • You get to choose what types of license plate you want for your vehicle.
    • Now you are issued the licensed plate for at least a year or two.
    • It is mandated that you mount your plate on the vehicle's back along with stickers that detail your expiration date by Delaware law.

    The following are some dangers linked with automotive fraud

    • Misreporting where you park your vehicle regularly.
    • Failure to disclose prior claims or accidents when applying for insurance.
    • There is insufficient information on the eligible drivers in a household.
    • Getting insurance for a vehicle owned and driven by someone else because that person cannot get insurance elsewhere or would have to pay a higher premium.

    How to prevent car fraud

    There are frauds, but there are also techniques to avoid them. Similarly, Delaware State has warned about the possibility of fraud. It's conceivable that legislation will be enacted to combat all of these scams.

    As a result, the following hotline has been established to receive all reports. It is your responsibility to notify the appropriate authorities if you suspect that these frauds are occurring or about to occur.

    If you know of or suspect insurance fraud, please report it. All tips and calls are investigated. All calls and tips are kept secret unless otherwise requested. Fraudulent insurance claims should be reported as follows:

    • You can call (800) 632-5154 or (302) 632-5154.
    • To report a fraud, send an email to [email protected].
    • Reports should be sent to Fraud Prevention, 1351 West North Street, Suite 101, Dover, DE 19904.

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