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Derbi is really a The Spanish language motorcycle manufacturer founded by Simeon Rabasa Singla. The organization first began out like a bicycle repair center in 1922, however it broadened quickly. The very first Derbi model, a moped known as Derbi SRS (the initials originating from the Simeon Rabasa Singles titlee), came after The Second World War in 1949.However, inn 1957, Derbi emerged having a two cylinder 350 cc model, which developed 16 horsepower. 4,200 models of the model were created. That very same year, the organization had 280 employees.

Nowadays, Derbi produces almost 50,000 models annually, the youthful purchasers to be the specific people of the organization and impressed the quad market, getting launched 250cc models for kids. Dino, DFW 50, DXR200 and DXR 250 were probably the most effective quads of the organization. Because of their success, The country handles to savor the 2nd greatest purchase zone about this market.

Because in 1965 the The Spanish language legislation concerning mopeds transformed, Derbi needed to take attitude concerning their models, so that they needed to implement retractable pedals along with a maximum speed of 40 km/h. For the reason that same year, the Antorcha 49 was launched. Throughout the path of the seventies, several motorcycles the likes of Abello, Montesa and Sanglas were absorbed by Japanese companies, however, this wasn't the situation of Derbi, which handled to outlive. In 1977, this sector of motorcycles faced an emergency, but Derbi made it.

In 2003, Derbi made the decision to resume the organization image which began using the logotype, the synthesis between youth and concept of sport. The organization came back towards the red-colored color, from the well-known "Red-colored Bullets", which won almost 20 World game titles. The Red-colored Bullets were effective within the 50, 80, 125 and 250cc classes, "guilty" of these victories being Angel Nieto and Jorge Martinez Aspar.

In 1982, Derbi arrives with a brand new scooter, named simply Scoot and it is presented in the Paris Exhibition Hall since the French legislation didn't stipulate that mopeds required to have pedals. Things cooled off until 1992, whenever a new scooter is launched, titled Vamos. 1997 saw the launch from the Hunter model.

The following Derbi bike does not come until 1999, once the Atlantis is introduced, a bicycle intended for the town. The Senda R and also the new Supermotard are presented in 2000, annually before Derbi becomes an element of the Piaggio group. In 2002, Derbi released the very first scooter having a 125 and 150 cc engine, named the Boulevard and something year later a brand new Sendra was launched. Also, in 2003 Derbi releases a brand new Supermotard version along with a limited range known as New Black Edition.

After many years of absence, in 1999, Derbi joined again the 125cc type of the MotoGP World Championship and within 5 years, controlling to possess 11 victories, because of Youichi Ui.

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