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A brief history of DNEPR motorcycles starts in Irbit, Ukraine. The DNEPR was known in Ukraine as KMZ, Kiev Motor Works. The KMZ plant came to exist in 1950 and since the bikes were known as KMZ items, they needed to alter the title, being known as DNEPR following the river running near Kiev. The DNEPR motorcycles, built-in two wheel drive version, specified for by Ural engineers and employed for military production. The KMZ plant may be the facility within the Ukraine the USSR made a decision to continue producing the M72s. In the beginning, here it had been created the M72H models and before long, they started production from the new K-750 model, which place the M72 at nighttime.

With that time period, typically the most popular model was BMW R-71 and also the soviet engineers desired to create the same "jewel". So, with no documentation, they replicated the particulars from the bike. The device were built with a two cylinder engine, 22 hewlett packard, four speed and shaft drive, known as M-72. Following a couple of years, in 1952, a contemporary form of the M-72 made an appearance. It had been the K-750 bike, a 26 hewlett packard engine. Eight years later, the Irbit factory began producing the M-61 bike, a 28 hewlett packard motor.

In 1961, this bike were built with a bigger brother, the M-62 and the other one, M-63 in 1963, outfitted up with a brand new 32 hewlett packard engine. In 1971 another DNEPR, MT-9, outfitted with gear-box with rear speed, was very appreciated. 3 years later, a "new star" was created, M-67, while MT-10 was coming. Both machines had 12V electrical equippment and 36 hewlett packard engines.


Every year new models were produced, so, 42 years following the first bike was created, the DNEPR-11, DNEPR-16, DNEPR-300 grew to become extremely popular. These were used by ordinary people by miltary forces too. For that military forces, greater than 1,500,000 DNEPR machines with sidecars happen to be created. The engine of individuals "two wheels machines" would be a 650cc boxer twin, similar to the among the old R-71. The current designs include standard 650cc, 750cc and 800cc engines.

K-650 was constructed from 1968 till 1974. With 32hp at 5200rpm along with a compression ratio of seven.:1, this model had lots of commonalities with MT-09. The K650 changed the K750 and was offered within the United kingdom as Cossack 650D. MT-10, having a energy of 32hp, were built with a 649cc engine and was produced in the eighties, then MT-11 and MT-16. MB650-M1  was built-in the eighties, before the factory closed the doorways, within the 90s.

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