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Excelsior Motorcycles began out as a bicycle manufacturer in 1874, being located in Coventry. In 1896, the organization made the decision to set up a Minerva engine on a single of their bicycles, resulting the very first motorcycle made by Excelsior. However, the automobile was created underneath the Bayliss, Thomas & Co Ltd brand, a title that was used until 1910 when the organization was re-named to Excelsior Motor Co.

In 1937, the organization folded out a completely new model, named Autobyke, outfitted by having an engine supplying a displacement of 98cc. 3 years later, Excelsior began manufacturing the Wellbike, a little retractable motorcycle that was found pretty helpful through the Allied Paratroopers.

Regrettably, Monarch were built with a pretty short existence, being withdrawn in 1960. Within the same time period, Excelsior was acquired through the Proctor family, who already possessed Britax. However, the business's motorcycle manufacturing history led to 1965, if this made the decision to target more about creating cars and motorcycle add-ons.

Another Excelsior company was located in the U. S. States and was especially centered on manufactured motorcycles. The organization began in 1907 however, it was bought by Henderson in 1931. The corporation built large displacement motorcycles.

Around 1954, the organization developed a 250cc, 4 stroke, V-Twin engine which never joined the production. However, because of the knowledge acquired throughout the entire process of manufacturing bicycles, Excelsior desired to try something totally new therefore it began creating scooters. The Skutabike, by having an engine of 98cc has been around since 1957 and Monarch, having a displacement of 147cc saw the daylight in 1959.

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