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Gilera is definitely an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera who emerged using the first bike of the organization within the same year. The model was known as VT 317 and just a couple of models were created. As The First World War began, Gilera began creating 500cc models. Furthermore, throughout the nineteen thirties, Gilera launched two new notable motorcycles, the Quattro Bulloni 500 and also the Otto Bulloni.

Furthermore, in 1998 they develop another 125cc model known as the cougar. In 2001, Manuel Poggialli handled to win the planet Championship within the 125cc class. Nowadays, the organization competes in many Motorsports challenges.

Another impressive model from Gilera may be the Rondine, a mix-racing bike launched in 1936. What's interestingly is this fact bike handled to create a " new world " speed record, 274.191 km/h in 1937. Because the war ended, Gilera was on the point of present the brand new Saturno 500, a bicycle utilized by Umberto Masetti throughout the planet championship in 1950 and 1952.

Gilera grew to become an essential brand in Motorsports, because they handled to win 44 worldwide Grand Prix game titles before 1957, when the organization left the racing competitions. However, their ongoing creating bikes for everyone, their most representative models to be the Giubileo, Rossa, Turismo and also the Sport.

In 1992 and 1993, Gilera handled to win the 250 class on the planet Championship as the manufacturing process was going to live in Pontedere in 1993. They began making sport scooters, the most crucial to be the Runner.

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