Airbag Safety & Airbag Fraud

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

Airbag safety and airbag fraud is common in the United States. You will need to be careful not to become a victim of these frauds.

How to spot airbag fraud

It is up to you to recognize and avoid airbag fraud since there are no protection measures in place. A good place to go for airbag safety and fraud education is a reputable auto repair shop. If your vehicle’s airbag light is on, this is a clear indication that something is wrong with your airbag. Another big warning of malfunctioning or damaged airbag is when the car’s seat belts are not retracting normally.

You will need to examine the space around the airbag compartment to see if there are any tears in the dashboard. If there are tears, then it is a big warning that airbag has been deployed.

It will be hard for you to determine whether the airbag has been deployed or is fake. You will, therefore, need to hire a certified mechanic to inspect the vehicle for you.

Installing airbag

If you have become a victim of airbag fraud, you must look for a trusted professional mechanic to install new airbags for you. Proper installation of airbags requires recalibrating the airbag system to respond in the exact time frame as originally intended by the manufacturer. If the installation is not done properly, they may still deploy late. You must also ask the installer to make other repairs after installing the airbag. Make sure they have put in sensors, new seat belts, and control modules. You must supervise the work to make sure everything is done with great care.

Finding out about the car’s airbag safety

Private companies such as VinFreeCheck have a database where a customer can check if the car they are buying has ever been involved in an accident that compromised the airbag safety. You can order a report of the vehicle that you want to purchase to verify if any damage had happened to the car seat-belts or airbag.