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William G. Henderson and the brother, Thomas, founded the Henderson Motorcycle Company in Detroit, Michigan, in 1911. Throughout its beginning, the organization arrived on the scene, having a 4-cylinder, 56cmc, 7 horsepower engine, which demonstrated to become a pretty amazing bike. This model was really the 3rd 4-cylinder motorcycle produced in America.

Clearly, the recently-founded company presented new models, but nevertheless, the issues ongoing for that bike manufacturer.

In 1918, now transformed associated with the organization happened since the Henderson siblings offered their intends to Excelsior's Ignatz Schwinn, developing a brand new company named Excelsior-Henderson.

Six years after the organization was formally released, Henderson's four-cylinder grew to become among the premier motorcycles in the united states. Even though it all looked to visit pretty much for the organization, Ace began going through new problems in 1924.

In 1919, William Henderson left the organization to be able to create a faster motorcycle, so he began a brand new company named Ace Motorcycle. Throughout its beginning, the organization only created a couple of motorcycles, but within the next year, it recorded a remarkable growth. For example, in 1922 Paul Anderson won multiple races having a P Luxe bike which develops 28 horsepower.

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