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Nürnberger Hercules-Werke is really a company founded by Edward Crane which began creating roughly 25 bicycles per week in 1886. However, the organization was raised a great deal in thebeginning, soo in 1905, the German manufacturer began creating motorcycles.

In 1955, Hercules tried to expand its coverage and focus on mopeds, but no important model was launched. Because the organization urgently required an update, you purchased it, by Fichtel & Sachs in 1966. The purchase was then a merger with Zweirad Union. A brief history of the organization was ongoing by Sachs, which ongoing to fabricate motorcycles underneath the Hercules brand.

The organization recorded a remarkable success, believe it or not than 6 000 0000 bicycles being created within the first years, Hercules attains probably the most important benefits within the fight using the other motorcycle forums: it manufactured all of the parts placed on bicycles. Furthermore, the industrial facilities and also the plants possessed by Hercules could produce a lot of automobiles every single day. The organization ongoing its impressive growth, controlling being probably the most important companies throughout the 50s.

Although the organization was the very first motorcycle manufacturer which possessed an expert road race team in 1953, it just survived until 1955 when, because of the loss of sales within the motorcycle industry, Hercules needed to retire in the competitions.

Speaking concerning the motorcycles created by Hercules, the organization built multiple popular bikes outfitted with notable features. For example, the Hercules K 125 Military is, much like its title indicates, a motorbike designed for use through the military that was outfitted having a single cylinder engine with air conditioning. This engine could develop 13 horsepower and labored having a single carburetor. The bike had drums on front and back brakes.

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