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Highland Group AB is really a motorcycle manufacturer located in Sweden that was founded in 1997. The very first development, plant owned by Highland was situated in Skällinge in southern Sweden, the same location where the organization developed and created probably the most popular engines of the organization, namely the 950 V-twin. What's interesting would be that the motorcycles created by Highland are 100 % hand crafted.

Since its early many years of activity, Highland was raised a great deal becoming among the biggest companies in the area. At this time around, Highland struggles to grow its market coverage both in Asia and Europe through new development centers but additionally with the aid of the neighboring companies.

The Highland Grime Track is a reasonably similar bike, coming with a similar four-stroke engine with liquid air conditioning in addition to be having an injection fuel system. The engine placed on the bike has the capacity to produce 85 horsepower at 7000rpm along with a torque of 62 lb-foot at 5000rpm.

For example, the Highland Desert Storm, a bicycle created by the Swedish company in the year 2006, has a four-stroke engine outfitted having a liquid air conditioning which could produce 85 horsepower at 6000rpm along with a truck of 77 -foot at 4000 revolutions per minute, being entirely according to a shot fuel system. Additionally, it arrives with a 6-speed gearbox with an x-ring chain, the bike being outfitted with dvds on front and back brakes.

For example, the organization has lately released a partnership project having a Chinese company which might mention a fascinating product for that motorcycle industry.

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