HUSABERG Motorcycle VIN Check

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Husaberg is really a motorcycle manufacturing company founded by several ex-Husqvarna employees in 1988. The organization is mainly centered on off-road and Supermoto four-stroke motorcycles which often include large displacements.

On top of that, the Austrian manufacturer which acquired Husaberg also adopted its motto “Ready to Race”, forcing Husaberg to produce a brand new one. Nowadays, Husaberg's motto is “4 Stroke Force”, a slogan which reminds us from the roots of the organization if this was mostly centered on four-stroke motorcycles.

What's interesting is the fact that in 2003 KTM moved the whole manufacture of motorcycles in Mattighofen, Austria has a single exception: the Motorsport portion of the organization which continued to be in Sweden.

Another essential fact associated with Husaberg's history would be that the Swedish military troops used the business's motorcycles for several years previously.

However, the possible lack of funds would be a pretty serious issue for an organization that was especially founded to sign up into popular competitions so in 1995, Husaberg was acquired by KTM, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturing company that could help it to attain the trophies it always imagined about.

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