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Initially, the company Husqvarna was inaugurated in 1689 to produce muskets. Later, this Swedish company succeeded in outgrowing itself in multiple sectors. One of them is the Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH which was introduced in 1903 and is known to produce motocross, enduro, supermoto, and street motorcycle.

In the beginning, the team utilized imported engines to manufacture husky motorcycles. But soon enough, the company was capable of producing machines in their own firm. In 1920, the dedicated engineers of the company were victorious in creating an in-house engine on their own. The first 550cc engine had four strokes and 50 degrees side-valve V-twin engine. By 1939, Husqvarna was claimed as the second-largest motorcycle manufacturer in Sweden.

During the period from 1960 to 1970, the Husqvarna gained immense fame from all over the world as the company signed a contract with the Swedish army and started to participate in long-distance motorcycle races. The company's motorcycles were able to win 14 times in motocross world championships not only with their 125 cc engine but also with their 250 ccs and 500 cc engine. The Husqvarna motorcycles were also capable of winning 24 times in the enduro world championship, and 11 times in Baja 1000 championship.

By the late 1970s', the Husqvarna company was in corporate demand. In 1977, Sweden's largest company, Electrolux, purchased the Husqvarna Motorcycles. Later, in 1987, the Husqvarna motorcycle sector was acquired by the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Cagiva, and became part of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. Cagiva decided to relocate the entire team to Italy, but a group of engineers disagreed with the decision and established their own company Husaberg in Sweden. However, in 2007, BMW was successful in taking over Husqvarna Motorcycles. But it was not long before, that the Pierer Industries AG (Husaberg’s owner) bought Husqvarna Motorcycles in 2013 and reunited both the companies of the '60s and '70s. The newly unified Husqvarna company returned with incredible updates and improvements. With the contemporary color scheme of red, blue, and yellow the company launched an excellent collection of Enduro and Motocross motorcycles which significantly helped the company to get its fame and prestige back!


HUSQVARNA SMS 2009 - 2013 9
HUSQVARNA TE 1988 - present 48
HUSQVARNA TC 2001 - present 27
HUSQVARNA SM 1999 - present 41
HUSQVARNA TR 650 2012 - 2013 2
HUSQVARNA WR 1995 - present 26
HUSQVARNA STR 650 CRC Supermotard 2006 - present 1
HUSQVARNA WRE 1988 - 2012 9
HUSQVARNA SMR 2003 - 2013 13
HUSQVARNA FR 2016 - present 1
HUSQVARNA FE 2013 - present 12
HUSQVARNA CR 65 2010 - present 3
HUSQVARNA FC 2013 - present 8
HUSQVARNA CR 125 2001 - 2012 7
HUSQVARNA ENDURO 2015 - present 3
HUSQVARNA TXC 2009 - 2012 7
HUSQVARNA CR 2001 - 2012 8
HUSQVARNA 701 2015 - present 3
HUSQVARNA CROSS 1971 - 1976 1
HUSQVARNA Nuda 2011 - 2015 4
HUSQVARNA TX 2017 - present 1
HUSQVARNA 400 1971 - 1972 1
HUSQVARNA FS 2017 - present 1

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