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Indian Motocycle is among the earliest motorcycle producers on the planet and it is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. The organization began in 1901  by George Hendee and Carl Oscar Hedstrom, being initially referred to asthe Hendee Manufacturing Companyy. The very first model created by Hendee and Hedstrom, known as 1901 Single, hada 1.75 horsepower enginee also it registered a great deal of success.

Throughout the nineteen forties, the organization undergoes some serious changes, as Torque Engineering buys Indian in 1945 and then separates it into two organizations. The Atlas Corporation handles the manufacturing to any extent further, while Indian Sales Corporation accounts for the distribution.

Following the war ended, the Indian had some trouble entering the general public market once more, so that they reintroduced the main model in 1951, without any effect, the organization going bankrupt in 1953.

Another essential moment in Indian's history arrived 1923 when the organization drops the 'are' using their title, becoming Indian Motocycle. In 1932, two new models made their debut, the Motoplane and also the Pony Scout. 5 years later, in 1937, Erectile dysfunction Kretz wins the Daytona 200 riding an active Scout. The Second World War begins and Indian needs once more to alter its production line so as to  manufacture automobiles for that military.

When 1914 came, the Indian production facility in Springfield had over 3,000 employees and the organization needs to prevent racing activities to be able to offer the American war effort by delivering the military with 41,000 automobiles.

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