Decode Your Isuzu VIN Number

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Isuzu Isuzu VIN Decoder

This is a Isuzu VIN Decoder. Every Isuzu vehicle has a VIN is a 17 character sequence that includes numbers and letters. Just key in your VIN and let our vin decoder churn out the following data:

  • Breakdown of the VIN segments
  • Flag if the VIN doesn't adhere to the standards defined
  • Basic vehicle information including year, make, model and trim
  • Vehicle fuel economy information

For the time being, Isuzu Sports utility vehicles and trucks are that you will see at the local Isuzu dealer it has been a number of years since there is an Isuzu vehicle. The business's specialized selection is much more the purpose of circumstance than choice. Recently, Isuzu has witnessed its share of hard occasions deficiencies in funding for cool product investment and marketing has forced the organization to depend heavily on its partnership with GM. Each of the models in the line come from existing GM items.

So far as “harmony and celebration” are worried, Isuzu equipment continues to be operating in extreme cold at Japan's Antarctic Observation Base since 1955. 4 years later, the organization shipped the earth's first couple of-ton light-duty forward - control truck, anticipating the ulterior appearance from the N series. Growth attracted traders, included in this Vehicle, that it collectively manufactured models such as the Buick Opel and Chevrolet Luv, the very first Isuzu-automobiles to achieve North – American marketplaces.

The 90's introduced forth new accomplishments using the launch from the Trooper and Rodeo, the second getting won three occasions consecutively the Alcan Winter Rally. Introduction of more recent automobiles like the Axiom and technology such as the collectively-developed Duramax injection support Isuzu in holding  its fortunate position around the US market. Presently area of the GM group, Isuzu continues to be one of the biggest providers of medium duty commercial trucks and pick – ups. Aside from its huge US car dealership and share of the market, Isuzu is broadly noted for its light prices, cost being among its automobiles primary characteristics.

Through the eighties, Isuzu had arrived on American shores. The Dog was the very first Isuzu offered within the U.S. market. The Trooper, an Vehicle obtainable in two- or four-door form, has been around since 1983 and rapidly grew to become popular for the reason that new market segment. The organization joined right into a partnership with Subaru later, a union that created the Isuzu Rodeo and also the Isuzu Pickup. Less popular compared to trucks were the cars, like the dated I-Mark sedan and also the handsome, Italian-designed Impulse sport coupe.

Isuzu Squish VIN Table

A squish VIN is basically the first 11 digits of the VIN minus the 9th digit which is a check digit. It’s the value used to decode a VIN into a vehicle

Should you wish to decode your Isuzu VIN manually, you can use the table below as reference:

Isuzu Amigo 1994 JACCG07ER9
Isuzu Ascender 2005 4NUDT13S52
Isuzu Axiom 2004 4S2DE58Y44
Isuzu Hombre 2000 1GGCS144Y8
Isuzu Impulse 1991 JABRT234M7
Isuzu Oasis 1999 JR2RJ286XC
Isuzu Pickup 1990 JAADL34EL7
Isuzu Rodeo 1995 4S2CK58VS4
Isuzu Rodeo Sport 2002 4S2CK57D24
Isuzu Stylus 1991 JABRT535M7
Isuzu Trooper 1995 JACDJ58WS7
Isuzu VehiCROSS 2001 JACCN57X17
Isuzu i-Series 2007 1GGCS13E78