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Enter your Isuzu's 17-digit VIN above to decode your VIN. We will show your vehicle specification and full vehicle history report, which includes thefts, detailed vehicle records, accidents, titles, and more. This information is compiled by from multiple sources including but not limited to DMVs, police records, insurance database and made public as a free, informational resource.

We also have a list of Isuzu's squish VIN information available in the table below. A squish vin is basically the first 11 characters of the full VIN Number. However, it does not contain the 9th character, which is a check digit to check the validity of a VIN number. With squish VIN, you can manually decode your Isuzu's VIN with just pen and paper. To learn more check out, What is a VIN Number

Isuzu Amigo 1999 4S2CK57WX4
Isuzu Ascender 2004 4NUDT13S42
Isuzu Axiom 2003 4S2CE58X34
Isuzu Hombre 1996 1GGCS144T8
Isuzu Impulse 1992 JABRT234N7
Isuzu Oasis 1996 JR2RJ184TC
Isuzu Pickup 1991 4S1CR11ZM4
Isuzu Rodeo 2003 4S2DM58W34
Isuzu Rodeo Sport 2002 4S2CK57D24
Isuzu Stylus 1992 JABRT538N7
Isuzu Trooper 1990 JACCH58EL8
Isuzu VehiCROSS 1999 JACCN57XX7
Isuzu i-Series 2006 1GGCS19868

About Isuzu

In 1916, Isuzu, the commercial vehicle manufacturing company set up shop in Japan. It was launched with a vision to produce top-class automobiles, starting from the east Asian market. Starting in 1918, Isuzu decided to collaborate with Wolseley Motors Ltd. The collaboration was done as a result of its dream to launch automobiles under the banner of Isuzu vehicles in East Asia

It was in 1937 when the automobile company got recognition in the market The company then decided to name itself as Tokyo Automobile Industries Co. Ltd. Isuzu was later adopted as the company name in the year 1949.

In 1972, Chevrolet LUV became the most awaited car that was built under Isuzu, to be sold in the US market. Later in 1974, Isuzu and General Motors decided to co-produce a T-car which went by the name Gemini. The T-car was received well by the American automobile industry and the people. As a result, there was a rapid rise in the sales of Isuzu in the US automobile market.

In 1981, Isuzu launched it's a venture to sell its automobiles in the USA as a brand that catered to the sale of both commercial and consumer use vehicles. The USP was that Isuzu decided to design and produce both the versions of automobiles themselves. Isuzu P'Up was the first vehicle that was launched in the US under Isuzu. Later in the year, Isuzu decided to sign decided a co-ownership agreement with Suzuki shares. The GM took 55 shares from the Suzuki as a part of the deal.

Four years later, IBC vehicles were launched in the United Kingdom through the combined efforts of Isuzu and General Motors. They collaborated and planned to sell light vans which were to be sold under Vauxhall's Bedford.

In 1999, VehiCROSS was launched in the US market, however, it did not get a good response. Since the vehicle was not received well by the market, Isuzu had to cease its production. Thereafter, the Isuzu dealership rapidly declined. On January 30, 2008, Isuzu announced to completely remove itself from the US market.

In 2016, Isuzu and Mazda agreed on a collaboration for producing the gen-next commercial vehicle for Mazda. Later, in 2016 Isuzu established a plant in India to begin the operations.

Isuzu is best known in the market for producing commercial trucks, buses, and construction vehicles that are powered by diesel. It is Isuzu’s prerogative to produce energy-efficient, durable, and safe cars.

Where to find my VIN Number?

You can find your VIN through the lower right of the windshield, and under the hood of your front engine.

As for Motorcycle VIN, you can lookup your VIN on the motorcycle frame, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all "two wheelers" or "three wheelers" or ATV to have the VIN displayed on the frame.

You can also do a VIN lookup or VIN number lookup on your insurance card/policy. You can learn more on how to locate your VIN from our guides as shown on the right side.

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