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The Italjet Moto Srl was inaugurated by Leopoldo Tartarini in 1959. For 60 years, the Italjet Moto Srl is well-known for producing the top-most quality of motorcycles, electric bicycles, scooters, moped, and minibikes. Throughout this period, the company has manufactured over 150 unique yet exceptionally contemporary designs that are matchless in performance.

In 1961, the company launched its first motorcycle which consists of a 125cc MZ engine. In 1962, Italjet 50 moped was introduced. This was later followed by the production of Mustang 50 SS and Vampiro 50 models in 1965. In the late '60s, the company introduced "The Indian 500" which was a heavy motorcycle comprising of a Royal Enfield 750cc twin-cylinder engine. In 1972, not only Italjet started to import and distribute Yamaha motorcycles but it also introduced the motorbike "Buccaneer 125", which included a Yamaha engine. The Buccaneer 125 was of great success as the motorcycle won the Italian Junior Championship for three years in a row. From 1990 to 2000 the company was capable of inaugurating Dragster, Velocifero, and Formula models motorbikes. In 1999, Grifone powered motorcycle was manufactured by the Italjet, which contained 900cc three-cylinder Triumph engines.

After the collapse of the company in 2002, the son of Leopoldo Tartarini, Massimo Tartarini took over the company in 2005. Under his ownership, the company started generating various e-Bikes of the latest technology, modish Italjet dragsters, and compact touring motorcycles in accordance with the Korean Hyosung 650's frame and engine.

Interesting facts about Italjet:

  1. Along with victory in the Milano-Taranto race in 1953, the italjet motorcycles were able to set three world records with the Cyclecar in Monza in 1969.
  2. The Italjet motorbike was also successful in securing the first position in the 1957-1958 world tour, which comprised of 5 continents, 42 countries and was to be completed in 13 months.
  3. The two-wheeled Pack 2 motorcycle is displayed in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern.
  4. Italjet Formula 50 LC which had already attained the title of "scooter of the year" four times in three different countries, was selected to be exhibited at "The Art of Motorcycle show" which took place at the "Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art" in New York City in the year 1998.


ITALJET Grifon 650 1969 - present 2
ITALJET Formula 2005 - present 1
ITALJET Dragster 2005 - present 4
ITALJET Grifon 900 2000 - present 1
ITALJET VELOCIFERO 2014 - present 1
ITALJET CAFE RACER 2016 - present 1
ITALJET Millennium 2005 - present 1
ITALJET Torpedo 2005 - present 1
ITALJET Jet Set 2005 - present 1
ITALJET Jupiter 2005 - present 1

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