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motorcycles are really a subsidiary of the Izhevsk Mechanical Works Corporation, a Russian company that also produces weapons (cannons, semi-automatic weapons and missiles) and cars. The very first IZh motorcycle arrived on the scene in 1928 also it was known as IZh 1, being outfitted having a 1200cc engine created by engineer Pyotr Vladimirovich Mokharov.

In 1950, the Russian IZh engineers finished the introduction of the IZh-50 sport motorcycle only one year later the IZh-49 was formally released. Throughout the 50s, IZh ongoing creating bikes, the most known to be the IZh 54 and also the IZh 54A.

In 1958, IZh began to operate around the IZh-Jupiter model, a motorbike that was later proven (1957) in The City in the World's fair. The Jupiter joined mass production in 1961, being outfitted by having an engine capable of producing 19 horsepower.

The organization began generating complex bikes within the 80s, so, to be able to achieve this goal, they acquired a brand new factory. The very first model to become produced in this new production facility was the Izh-Jupiter 4, a motorbike that was then IZh-Planeta-4 twelve months later in 1982. The fifth model within the Jupiter range arrived 1985 however, this motorcycle had newer and more effective features, like a “Standby” button, sonn of all motorcycles created nowadays.

This specific model registered quite an impressive success, therefore the Russian manufacturer created the 2nd model within the series known as IZh-Jupiter 2.

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