Decode Your Jaguar VIN Number

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Jaguar Jaguar VIN Decoder

This is a Jaguar VIN Decoder. Every Jaguar vehicle has a VIN is a 17 character sequence that includes numbers and letters. Just key in your VIN and let our vin decoder churn out the following data:

  • Breakdown of the VIN segments
  • Flag if the VIN doesn't adhere to the standards defined
  • Basic vehicle information including year, make, model and trim
  • Vehicle fuel economy information

Jaguar cars possess a lengthy good reputation for elegant styling and sporting performance. The company was created within the Uk, as well as for years its automobiles were symbolic of that old-world luxury from the British upper classes. More lately, Jaguar continues to be underneath the possession of other car manufacturers, but Jaguar cars will invariably bear the unshakable gleam of traditional British refinement.

After The Second World War, SS Cars switched its moniker to Jaguar so they won't be connected using the Nazi paramilitary organization that bore exactly the same initials. Its first postwar offering was 1948's Mark V. The posh sedan was became a member of that year through the XK 120, a sports vehicle which was the quickest production automobile of their day — its title showing its top speed. The XK 120 demonstrated very popular, and assisted Jaguar begin a strong presence within the sports vehicle market.

Through the nineteen fifties, Jaguar had begun conveying luxury automobiles towards the U . s . States. Produced only for the American market, the objective VII Saloon has been around since 1951 and would be a hit with stateside drivers. In 1956, the vehicle required the prize in the Monte Carlo Rally. Later within the decade, Jaguar added the objective VIII and Mark IX to the selection. Meanwhile, the XK grew to become the XK 140 as performance elevated. Then came the XK 150 that was clearly even faster, though less than as curvaceously alluring because the 120/140 models.

Sales dropped, and Jaguar's financial problems triggered further head aches for parent company Ford, that was also going through financial turmoil. Ford cut its deficits and offered Jaguar (and fellow British premium brand Land Rover) to Indian manufacturer Tata in 2008. Though reliability still remains an issue, new models such as the XF and remodeled symbols XK and XJ appear to point a vibrant Jaguar future, because they feature modern designs spread having a great amount of classic Britannic charm.

Jaguar Squish VIN Table

A squish VIN is basically the first 11 digits of the VIN minus the 9th digit which is a check digit. It’s the value used to decode a VIN into a vehicle

Should you wish to decode your Jaguar VIN manually, you can use the table below as reference:

Jaguar F-Type 2014 SAJWA6GLEM
Jaguar S-Type 2006 SAJWA03C61
Jaguar X-Type 2003 SAJEB53C3W
Jaguar XF 2010 SAJWA0FAAH
Jaguar XJ 2013 SAJWA1GEDM
Jaguar XJ-Series 1991 SAJHY174MC
Jaguar XJR 1997 SAJPN114VC
Jaguar XK 2012 SAJWA4ECCM
Jaguar XK-Series 2005 SAJDA41B53
Jaguar XKR 2000 SAJJA41BYP