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Jawa Motors is really a motorcycle manufacturer located in the Czech Republic and founded in 1929 by Frantisek Janecek who bought the motorcycle production line owned by Wanderer. The very first Jawa model was formally folded in October 23, 1929 also it featured a 500cc engine which developed 18hp. In the beginning, everybody considered it a bit too costly, but throughout the following couple of years, it had been significantly enhanced therefore it finally grew to become a significant success.

Between 1964 and 1987, the organization recorded a remarkable growth, having the ability to triple its production, reaching three million manufactured motorcycles. In 1991, Jawa produces a brand new subsidiary known as Jawa Divison, Jsc during 1996 the whole company becomes part of Jihostroj Velesin. However, twelve months later the organization is re-named to Jawa Talkabout Ltd.

Due to these functions, the 175 recorded pretty huge sales, controlling to market roughly 3,000 models within the newbie of production (1932). What's interesting is the fact that Jawa adopted quite a difference online marketing strategy, permitting interested customers to check the motorcycles throughout the displays. Because of this factor, but additionally because of the characteristics of their bikes, the organization handled to market believe it or not than 27,000 models by 1946.

The 2nd Jawa model needed to be cheaper to be able to record a minimum of exactly the same success since its predecessor, therefore the parent company introduced the following motorcycle named Jawa 175. The motorcycles were very light, weighing around 70kg having the ability to achieve a high speed as high as 80 km/h.

Another essential bike in Jawa history was the 500cc OHC, that was formally folded in 1952. Producing the 500cc four-stroke bikes was stopped in 1958 mostly due to high production costs. In 1963, Jawa needed to shoot lower their plant in Prague only one year later, the organization arrived at an essential milestone in the history by creating the millionth motorcycle.

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