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KTM began in 1934 by Hands Trunkenpolz and was referred to as Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz. Because the organization was really a metalworking shop and purchasers were pretty low, the proprietors made the decision to begin manufacturing motorcycles. 2 yrs later, in 1953, an Austrian businessman named Ernst Kronreif purchased a large share of the organization that was the re-named to Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen (KTM).

More essential, in 1973, KTM begins the serial manufacture of the 250 Motorcross and Enduro as the same year, the Austrian team records the very first World Championship points and also the first Grand Prix wins. Until 1974, KTM had a variety of believe it or not than 42 models, but nevertheless, the organization begins producing KTM Hobby III within the same year.

Series manufacture of the KTM 4 stroke, liquid cooled engine began later only one year later, among the company's founders, Eric Trunkenpolz dies. Because of personal bankruptcy, the organization was split into independent divisions, which either ongoing making radiators or building motorcycles and bicycles. In 1992, the brand new KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH was formally founded, getting a brand new management team, a brand new Hard Enduro along with a new motorcycle design.

Back In 1984, KTM began making radiators and offered these to rivals (Suzuki being probably the most important names). However, in the same time frame these were manufactured motorcycle parts, the organization celebrated their 100,000th KTM engine which included a displacement of 500cc, with liquid air conditioning and may produce greater than 50bhp.

Twelve months later, KTM celebrated the delivery of the 1000th motorcycle and, throughout exactly the same year, it won the Austrian 125 national title. 2 yrs later, in 1956, KTM took part in the Worldwide Six Days, race the very first time and Egon Dornauer won the gold.

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