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Laverda is definitely an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in October 1949 by Fracesco Laverda. The business's first motorcycle was the Laverda 75, a bicycle introduced in 1950. Within the first many years of existence, these were mostly thinking about Motorsports, so Laverda 75 took part in several models from the Giro detail, Motogito and Italian Enduro titles.

Due to that, probably the most appreciated bike from Laverda arrived 1968, when the organization introduced the Laverda 650cc. Regrettably for that parent company, this model did not record excessive sales so in 1970, Laverda presented the 750 model that was almost an industry hit.

Even when the organization introduced another selection of small capacity 350 and 500 bikes within the nineteen nineties, Laverda began going through financial problems. Even though it battled to update the development line, the organization was finally bought through the Aprilia group, which already possessed Talkabout Guzzi. The most recent model from lavender may be the Phoenix 150, a scooter of 50cc, developed with the aid of the Aprilia group.

The 750 series was ongoing within the next couple of years using the 750 SF mode and survived until 1976 when the organization released Lavenda 1000, probably the most effective motorcycle made by an Italian man, firmly. This new series was stored being produced before the end of 1980. The following year, throughout the Milan Motor Show, Laverda arrived on the scene using the 1000 RGS, also called Real Grand Sport, which symbolized the enhanced form of the effective Laverda 1000.

The 2nd Laverda model was Laverda 100, that was formally launched in 1955. However, before the late 1960's the organization created only small capacity bikes, scooters and mopeds. Probably the most effective one was the Laverdino 48 moped, formally revealed in 1958. What's interesting is the fact that mots things were transformed when Massino Laverda, the boy of Francesco Laverda got involved in the company's management department trying to produce high capacity motorcycles.

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