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The Laverda corporation was founded by Massimo Laverda in 1949. But the base of the company initiated from the time when Pietro Laverda began its business to manufacture the finest quality of resilient agricultural equipment. The business was prospering but due to increasing demand for cheap transport after world war 2, Pietro’s grandson Francesco established Moto Laverda and initiated to design a small motorcycle.

The first motorcycle, Laverda 75, was officially launched in 1950. This introductory motorcycle was able to win many national and international races, captivating the attention of consumers toward the brand name. This was followed by success in various competitions by the next model motorcycle, Laverda 100.

It was not until the late 1950s when the company started to concentrate on producing motorcycles with heavy-duty engines. In 1958, the company launched a 4 stroke moped, Laverdino 48. And a year later, 49 cc scooter was manufactured by the company. The 650 cc twin motorcycle was founded by the company in 1966 and was admired by the consumers, but the launch of Laverda 750 motorcycle was more successful because it was shipped worldwide and gained the title for indestructibly as well as for speed. The production of new upgraded large size motorcycle continued.

As the Japanese motorcycle entered the market, companies like NVT, Moto-Guzzi, and many other big brands faced serious decline which caused them to shut down and leave the market. Similarly, Laverda motorcycles were considered expensive, out-dated, and heavier when compared with Japanese motorcycles. This stimulated the Laverda Moto to shut down in 1986.

In 1993, Francesco Tognon acquired the company and started to manufacture advanced motorcycle, but failed tremendously due to miserable infrastructure and weak engines. After that, the Laverda Moto, as well as Moto-Guzzi, was bought by Aprilia who introduced Laverda SFC motorcycle and Aprilia RSV1000 but rather than getting attention from consumers it faced many hardships due to which Piaggio purchased both the companies; Laverda Moto and Moto-Guzzi, in 2004. Piaggio finished all the activities related to Laverda. Today, Laverda Moto no longer exists.


LAVERDA 500 Alpino 1976 - 1984 8
LAVERDA SFC 1000 1984 - 2004 6
LAVERDA 125 1975 - 1989 13
LAVERDA 1000 1973 - 1986 15
LAVERDA Montjuic 1978 - 1982 2
LAVERDA 350 1980 - 1981 1
LAVERDA 750 GT 1968 - 1969 1
LAVERDA 500 1977 - 1983 3
LAVERDA 750 1970 - 2003 27
LAVERDA 125 GS Lesmo 1983 - 1987 4
LAVERDA 600 1987 - 1988 1
LAVERDA 250 Chott 1974 - 1977 3
LAVERDA OR 600 Atlas 1984 - 1990 6
LAVERDA 668 1996 - 1998 4
LAVERDA 650 1994 - 2001 6
LAVERDA V6 1977 - 1978 1
LAVERDA 250 1975 - 1976 1

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