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Maico is really a motorcycle manufacturer from Germany, founded in 1926. Although before The Second World War the organization built multiple light bikes, Maico introduced their first bike outfitted having a Maico engine soon after the finish of the war. This model recorded a remarkable success and determined the organization to produce the M model in 1948 and also the 125 annually later.

Maico recorded a brand new success using the Maicoletta scooter, released in 1950 a bicycle, which included just one cylinder, 247cc engine, that also arrived a 277cc engineered version, on special marketplaces.

was as effective like a 250cc motorcycle, having the ability to achieve a high speed of 70mph. Furthermore, it had been much more effective than other scooter of this time when we consider other bikes, for example Vespa and Lambretta which in fact had 125cc, 200cc engines along with a top speed of 55- 60mph.

Maico revealed the Fanal in 1953, the very first Maico bike outfitted having a four-speed gearbox. However, throughout exactly the same year, the organization arrived on the scene with yet another motorcycle, the M200.

Maico began going through plenty of problems also it went bankrupt in 1983. However, the organization desired to concentrate more about races as well as in the 70's competitions, its aircraft pilots Adolf Weil, Ake Jonnson and Willy Bauer, the Maico aircraft pilots, won numerous races.

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