MARUSHO-LILAC Motorcycle VIN Check

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The Marusho history started in 1946 when Tadashi Ito opened up his first Marusho Vehicle Repair Center, a business that made truck physiques for Rewards. 2 yrs later, Ito founded Marusho Shokai Co., Ltd, a brand new company which manufactured motorcycles for believe it or not than 19 years.

The 250cc SY was raised in recognition, being created in 2 versions, 125cc and 175cc. Since the JF Baby Lilac did not record excessive sales, it had been changed by another motorcycle that also bit the dust, namely the DP Baby Lilac.

The LB and LC models symbolized a significant success for that Japanese company, the 2 motorcycles being than other popular bikes, like the JF Baby Lilac. For nearly 5 years, between 1955 and 1960, the Marusho company was built with a great period, creating believe it or not than 8,091 bikes in 1955 and 11,241 models in 1959.

For example, C-103/C-105 and M-330 were two motorcycles that have been likely to bring new customers to the organization. However, Marusho ended up being reorganized, the organization being re-named to Lilac Co.

Under this new title, two 350cc flat twins, the TW Dragon and SW Lancer, specified for and folded available. However, Lilac began going through financial problems in 1967 so the organization was offered for a worker who began creating grain cookers. Tadashi Ito, the founding father of japan company, died in 2005.

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