Massachusetts License Plate Lookup

Check any Massachusetts License Plate for vehicle history records

All vehicles operating in Massachusetts should be legally registered with the Registry of motor vehicles and must have a legal title. All vehicle owners are given 30 days to register their new vehicles.

All motor vehicles are required by law to display two license plates. One license plate should display on the rear side while the other one displays on the front. The license plate on the rear of the car must have a validity sticker.

In Massachusetts you are not limited to only one type of license plate. Apart from the standard state provided license plate, you can also apply for special category license plates.

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    License Plate Lookup in Massachusetts

    Before you buy a vehicle in Massachusetts, it is advisable to first run a license plate check online. By running a free check on VinFreeCheck, you will be able to get all relevant, legal and updated information on any vehicle.

    All vehicles in Massachusetts should be registered with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT).

    Information you can get from license plate lookup includes:

    • Salvage records
    • Liens
    • Odometer reading
    • Title
    • Past ownership
    • Critical Title brands
    • Theft record
    • Accident reports
    • Special purpose designation e.g. police-use, taxi –use.

    Where to find my Massachusetts plate number?

    Generally, you can easily your plate number easily by looking at the issued license plate attached to your car. However, there are instances you need to lookup car license plates without having access to the car physically, you can look it up at you car's Massachusetts certificate of the title.

    Massachusetts certificate of registration

    Types of Vehicle License Plates in Massachusetts

    In Massachusetts, you may choose to get specialized license plates if you prefer designed plates.

    For you to get a customized license plate you will need to:

    • Show your current address.
    • Prove that you are a resident in USA
    • Prove that you are the legal registered owner of the car.
    • Accurately fill out the car registration forms.
    • Have the registration fee.

    It is also possible to get vanity plates in the Massachusetts if you own antique cars, buses, motorcycles, or private passenger’s vehicles. The license plates must have 2 letters and not more than 6 characters. For motorcycles the characters should be up to 5 characters long.

    The vanity license plate in Massachusetts cannot have a mix of numbers and letters.

    Where do these data come from?

    We rely on multiple sources to compile our license plate report. Many of our sources come from governmental entities such as the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). We also regularly check the car auction inventories to track various vehicle's condition.

    Is it Legal for me do a reverse license plate search?

    Yes, we are in compliant with the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), as we do not disclose information about the vehicle's owner personal details. Our license plate lookup does a reverse lookup to obtain the VIN number and query the vehicle history reports for it. Nothing in our report is personably identifiable to a particular individual.

    Additionally, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows any individual the right to access to information collected by the government. There's no reason for you not to give our auto license plate lookup tool a try. It's totally legal and FREE!

    License Plate Registration in Massachusetts

    In accordance to the Massachusetts title law, all vehicles and Trailers are to be titled within 10 days of purchase.  Only trailers with a weight of less than 3000 pounds are exempted from titling.

    If you have purchased your vehicle from a private seller there are requirements that you must meet for you to have your vehicle registered. The documents you need for registration include:

    • Personal identification documents to showing you are a legal resident of USA
    • Correctly filled registration and title application
    • Previous owners certificate of title
    • Registration fee

    For those who have purchased a vehicle from a car dealership in Massachusetts, you need to produce the following:

    • Vehicle Insurance cover
    • Personal identification
    • Bill of sale to show you’re the legal owner
    • Filled registration and title application
    • Registration fee.

    You can get updated information on fees by referring to the RMV’s schedule of fee.

    If you just moved to Massachusetts and own an out of state vehicle, you are required to register it in Massachusetts. To transfer your vehicle registration details, you will need:

    • Proof of title
    • Previous state registration details
    • Current Massachusetts Insurance cover
    • Titling Fee

    Out of state vehicles are required to be registered immediately as the state does not give a grace period

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