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, a business located in France walked into the motorcycle world in 1923, when Charles Benoit and Abel Bardin designed the very first motorcycle having a single cylinder, two stroke, 175cc engine.

Much like in lots of other cases, a budget Japanese motorcycle that could provide high end at affordable prices symbolized, among the primary causes of the issues experienced through the motorcycle manufacturing company.

The 2 partners ongoing the development and research therefore the second bike was released 10 years later, being outfitted by having an engine of 250cc. Throughout exactly the same period, the organization made its debut in racing competitions, taking part in the Ball D'or endurance race.

In 1970, Motobecane ongoing creating two cylinder 125cc motorcycles, which recorded a remarkable success around the local market. Furthermore, the organization desired to expand its motorcycle series and introduced some two-stroke, three-cylinder 350cc and 500cc bikes that could represent a far more effective option to the bikes the organization created before.

Regrettably, Motobecane's financial problems ongoing almost 30 years ago, so the organization was bought by Yamaha and refurbished back in 1984 within new title, namely MBK. At this time around, MBK may be the manufacturer of several scooters offered in Europe.

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