Mississippi License Plate Lookup

Check any Mississippi License Plate for vehicle history records

Living in Mississippi? The state's Department of Revenue is responsible for overseeing all vehicle registrations and license plate applications. Typically, you'll need to go to your local county Tax Collector's office to complete the registration or application process.

If you're considering purchasing a used car, a Mississippi license plate lookup can provide valuable details about the vehicle. This includes information like odometer readings, accident history, and technical specifications, giving you a fuller understanding of the car's condition.

Utilize our free license plate lookup tool to access instant information about your prospective vehicle. Simply enter the license plate number and the state of registration into the search box, and you'll receive the results in just a few moments.

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    Did You Know? 🛒

    Did you know that Mississippi was home to one of the earliest electric car companies in the United States?

    In the late 1910s, the Marketeer Company began operations in Redwood, Mississippi. It initially produced electric shopping carts before moving on to produce electric vehicles. This early adoption and production of electric vehicles highlight Mississippi's role in the pioneering days of electric transportation, long before the modern push towards electric cars became mainstream.

    Where is My Mississippi License Plate Number?

    Mississippi is one of the few states where you only need to display license plates at the rear of the vehicle. If you aren't currently with your car, you can refer to any documentation related to your registration. You can direct any questions you might have to the state Department of Revenue.

    Mississippi replacement tag form

    Acquiring a License Plate in Mississippi

    If you're a new resident in Mississippi, you have 30 days to register your vehicle if you possess a valid registration from your previous state of residency. Failing to register within this timeframe will result in late fees and a $250 penalty. During the registration process, you'll need to provide:

    • Personal identification
    • A completed application form available from the county tax collector or Department of Revenue office
    • The vehicle's certificate of title
    • Details of any liens and lien holders, if applicable
    • Any out-of-state registration documents, if applicable
    • Payment for all applicable fees

    If you buy a vehicle from a licensed dealership, you can obtain a temporary tag that is valid for 7 business days. Dealerships typically handle all necessary paperwork, but it's advisable to confirm with them to prevent any future issues.

    For vehicles purchased from a private seller, you must register the vehicle within 7 business days from the date of purchase. The tax collector or Department of Revenue office may require additional documentation.

    For more details, visit the Mississippi Department of Revenue's website.

    What License Plates Can You Apply For?

    Standard plates: These are 7 characters in length, with the general format being AAA0000. The bottom of the plate will indicate the county the car was registered in.

    Vanity plates: These are personalized plates that are 7 characters (with at least one letter) in length. You may use letters, numbers, and up to one space. You are also not allowed to use any vulgar or offensive writing. There is a $33 fee for vanity plates, on top of all other relevant fees.

    Military plates: These are issued to active-duty or retired military personnel of any US military outfit. Available plates include participants in various conflicts, as well as recipients of medals and honors such as the Silver Star.

    Specialty plates: These plates exist for people who want to identify with or show support to certain organizations, groups, interests, and charities. Plate options include:

    • State schools/colleges/universities
    • National Rifle Association
    • Baseball Championships
    • Organ Donors
    • Volunteer organizations/professions
    • Awareness programs
    • Conservation efforts
    • Farming-related

    You can view all the associated fees for these plates here.

    What Do You Get from the License Plate Lookup Report?

    A license plate lookup provides you with relevant data on the vehicle you intend to purchase or have already purchased. You'll be able to review the following information:

    Accident reports: Lists any accidents the car may have been involved in at any time. If it was a significant accident, you should have an independent check performed on the vehicle. You might find damage that wasn't repaired which could affect the vehicle's performance.

    Previous owners: Get some information on the vehicle's previous owners and the duration in which they owned the vehicle for. The report can give you up-to-date information for both of those queries, but doesn't disclose any private or personal information of these owners.

    Market value: The license plate report will reveal the actual market price of the vehicle you're looking at. You'll be able to find out if you're being under- or overcharged for a used car.

    Vehicle specifications: Provides you with all the information you need about the vehicle’s make, year of manufacture, its model and more. Having all the relevant information at hand will help you with making a more informed decision.

    Flood records: Informs you of any history of damage from floods. If you find the vehicle was damaged by floods, you need to find out how much potential damage the vehicle may have undergone and what repairs were made to restore its condition.

    Lien Records: Provides information on whether the car has been used in a lease, as collateral for a debt, as a rental car unit, etc. There have been cases where cars with an existing lien were sold to unknowing buyers. These buyers end up having to repay the lien, even if it wasn't their fault.

    Odometer records: The report will provide detailed odometer records of a vehicle, allowing you to look for signs of odometer tampering. This fraudulent activity deceives buyers into thinking the vehicle has been driven for less than it actually has.

    Junk/salvage title check: If a car is severely damaged in an accident or has been scrapped for parts, an insurance company might write it off as a ‘total loss.' It would mean repairing the car will be very costly, on top of it being in no condition to operate on the road.

    Importance of Getting the License Plate Lookup Report

    With ongoing issues in automotive fraud, it's crucial for buyers to be vigilant and well-informed before entering into any used car transaction. A vehicle lookup report equips you with the necessary information to make informed decisions and avoid being duped. Knowing about any potential issues with the car allows you to plan your next steps effectively.

    Many used car dealers offer a free vehicle history report to attract buyers to their used cars. However, beware that some unscrupulous dealers might use this opportunity to distribute falsified reports, providing a misleading sense of security. Ultimately, this could lead to the purchase of a problematic vehicle, known as a lemon, which can result in substantial financial losses over time.

    Additionally, a license plate lookup can be invaluable in situations like hit-and-runs or suspected vehicle thefts. Performing a quick search on a suspicion can assist you and law enforcement in tracking down those involved in automotive crimes.

    VinFreeCheck offers you a free and reliable license plate lookup service that uses reliable sources. Our databases are linked to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to ensure you receive the latest updates for the vehicle you're looking at.

    Am I Allowed to Look Up License Plates?

    You have every right to do so! Rest assured, we abide by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act's (DPPA), which prevents the unlawful disclosure of any private information of a car owner. Only the relevant details on the car's general usage will be revealed.

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) grants individuals the right to access information collected by the government. With our data coming from NMVTIS, the NICB, and various other reputable sources, you can confidently run a lookup check on that used car you've been eyeing for some time. 

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