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Mondial, also known as FB Mondial is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer in Milan, Italy. This company was founded in 1929 by the Boselli Brothers Ada, Giuseppe, Ettore, Luigi, and Carlo Boselli. The FB in the brand’s name stands for “Fratelli Boselli,” which is interpreted in English as Boselli Brothers. Giuseppe Boselli, who is the father of the entrepreneurial brothers, was a co-owner of DG (a legendary motorcycle company from Bologna). Boselli is a well-known Italian family from Northern Italy of Manerbio.

The Second World War had a significant effect on the history of Mondial. On 24 July 1943, the Bologna railway station and the farm of Mondial were stuck by a massive allied bomb. Although Mondial survived this incident, its production was put on hold to aid in the war effort. This Kinetic Group’s multi-motorcycle company began its operation by producing HPS 300 in 1948. From 1949-1957, FB Mondial recorded ten titles in the Grand Prix World Championship. The company won five manufacturer’s titles as well as five rider titles in the 250 cc and 125 cc classes. During this period, the production numbers range between 1,000 and 2,000 units per year. Like other Italian motorcycle manufacturers, Mondial pulled out of Grand Prix competition as a result of its dismissing sales and increasing costs. This decision spelled doom for this company with the last all-Mondial bike leaving the factory in 1960. For more than half a century, this brand could not produce a motorcycle engine. It has to purchase engines from proprietary makers.

By 1979, Mondial could not continue its production and had to shut down the company. About twenty years later, Pier Luigi Boselli, a descendant of the Boselli Brothers allied with Italian company International, Pelpi, owned by Cesare Galli. Both teams went into the process of restoring the brand in 2014. A 125 cc scrambler was the first model to be produced after Mondial was revived. The motorcycle was launched at the Intermot motorcycle show held in Cologne. The second new model of the resurrected Mondial is HPS Hipster. The model is powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder unit derived from Piaggio Group. Today, Mondial offers you an off-road, sportier styled SMT and SMX models. Likewise, you can also purchase a traditionally designed “café-racer” HPS with a 125cc or 250cc.


MONDIAL ARGENT 2013 - 2013 1
MONDIAL MG 2012 - 2013 4
MONDIAL MX 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL Nuda 2004 - present 1
MONDIAL HIPSTER 2016 - present 4
MONDIAL MR 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL LOYAL 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL JETMAX 2013 - 2013 1
MONDIAL ZNU 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL SMX 2017 - present 1
MONDIAL EVO 2004 - present 2
MONDIAL ARDOUR 2013 - 2013 2
MONDIAL MR DESTRO 2013 - 2013 1
MONDIAL RT 2012 - 2012 2
MONDIAL KT 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL HYENA 2012 - 2012 2
MONDIAL PIEGA 2003 - present 1
MONDIAL UGK 2013 - 2013 1
MONDIAL BUFFALO 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL SMT 2017 - present 1
MONDIAL X-TREME 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL MASH 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL MC 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL SFC 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL Piega 1000 2002 - 2003 1
MONDIAL Cup 100 MFH 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL GOMAX 2013 - 2013 1
MONDIAL NT 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL ZNX 2012 - 2012 1
MONDIAL MH 2012 - 2012 1

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