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Facebook-Mondial is definitely an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company which created bikes for believe it or not than 31 years, between 1948 and 1979. However, the very first time we have heard about Facebook was at 1929 once the four Boselli brother founded Facebook, which really means Fratelli Boselli, a business which only manufactured and offered bikes and tricycles.

In 1999, Roberto Zilleti, an effective businessman, bought the privileges of the Mondial. A couple of years later, after Ziletti's father died, Roberto grew to become responsible for Lastra Group's management. However, Mondial has begun going through financial problems with no important bike was launched since that time. Within the recent period, the organization was involved with a couple of trial competitions, but no amazing achievements were accomplished.

Mondial did not produce new motorcycles until 1992, the organization being mostly centered on engines supplied by other producers. However, in 1992, Mondial was refurbished once the boy from the firm's owner created a KTM 560cc, single cylinder bike.

Two decades later they handled to construct the very first 125cc, single cylinder engine which, once placed on a motorbike, assisted the organization win multiple Grand Prix races and believe it or not than five World Titles.

Although the organization was mostly thinking about racing motorcycles additionally, it manufactured multiple appreciated roadsters too, like the 125cc four stroke bikes launched in 1950. Even when the organization grew to become famous because of the competitions that participated, following the 1957 season the 4 siblings needed to quit the organization because of financial problems.

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