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Moto Guzzi is definitely an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1921 by Carlo Guzzi and Giorgio Parodi. Despite the fact that the very first bike of Moto Guzzi was created in 1920, the organization was formally founded twelve months later, while their first model named Normale joined production in 1922. The normal model was built with a 500 cc engine and rapidly taken the interest from the market, becoming the very first major success of the organization.

However, the items were transformed a bit after Aprilia compensated believe it or not than $sixty five million for that Italian company and the ongoing introduction of new motorcycles. For example, the Moto Guzzi released two advanced motorcycles in 2004 and 2005, namely the Breva 750 and also the Breva 1100.

Even when things looked to visit pretty much for the organization also it ongoing to produce new and much more advanced models, Moto Guzzi began going through financial problems and was bought by Alejandro P Tomaso.

In 1992, the Daytona 1000 motorcycle, outfitted having a 992cc engine, was regarded as probably the most advanced bikes ever launched by the organization. However, because of the some financial problems, Moto Guzzi wasn't in a position to enhance the motorcycle and continue the expansion.

Aside from the normal bike, the organization has launched other notable models such as the GT tour (1928), the Condor (1938), the Dondolino (1940) and also the Sport 15 (1931). However, the Falcone model which arrived 1950 might be considered the 2nd major success of the organization. Falcone continued to produce until 1976, getting a couple of updates through the years.

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