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Moto Morini is an Italian producer of motorcycles. This brand was founded in 1937 in Bologna by Alfonso Morini. It is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles in the world with a rich racing heritage. Before the creation of Moto Morini, Mario Mazzeti funded the manufacturing of bikes with the company's name MM. In 1937, after a split, Morini produced 500 cc and 350 cc three-wheelers motorcycles. These models were fuel-efficient and light. The Italian government regulations also favored them. Unfortunately, World War II halted MM progression. The brand was made to produce aeronautical components and was later bomb in 1943.

Immediately after the war, in 1946, MM produced a two-stroke motorbike known as T125 with a single cylinder and a new three-speed transmission. The Raffaele Alberti model won the Italian Championship for Lightweight Motorbikes in 1948, on a two-stroke 125 competitions. In 1956, Moto Morini moved to a larger production facility at Via Bergami. Alongside Dante Lambertini and Nerio Biavati, Alfonso Morini manufactured the 250 GP Double Camshaft in 1958. Gabriella Morini, the daughter of Alfonso Morini, took over the company after the death of her father in 1969. Franco Lambertini joined the MM Company after leaving Ferrari works in 1970. With Franco Lambertini's involvement, the first 72 degree V-twin engine bikes were manufactured by the brand. The Cagiva group bought the company due to its financial problems in 1987. However, there was no development in the production and sales of units from Moto Morini, so the Via Bergami factory was closed in 1993. Three years later, Texas Pacific Group bought Moto Morini.

The nephew-owned manufacturer, Morini Franco Motori Spa, bought the rights to the brand's name in 1999. After this event, motorcycles such as Corsaro Veloce, Corsaro 1200, 1200 Avio, Scrambler, and 1200 sport were produced. Though they made huge losses in 2009, it was revived in 2012 with Rebello 1200 model. Today, Moto Morini now sells its motorcycles in the whole market of Europe through its website. With little success recorded in reviving this brand, it was sold to Zhongeng Vehicle Group of China in August 2018.


MOTO MORINI Corsaro 1200 2005 - -2006 1
MOTO MORINI 500 Sei-V 1981 - 1985 1
MOTO MORINI NEW YORK 1988 - 1990 1
MOTO MORINI Corsarino 1963 - 1977 1
MOTO MORINI 500 Camel 1981 - 1989 1
MOTO MORINI 125 1946 - 1955 3
MOTO MORINI Scrambler 2008 - present 2
MOTO MORINI 1200 Sport 2008 - present 1
MOTO MORINI 3 1/2 S 1974 - 1983 1
MOTO MORINI 350 Excalibur 1986 - 1989 1
MOTO MORINI Corsaro Gran Turismo 1964 - 1973 1
MOTO MORINI Coguaro 1989 - 1991 1
MOTO MORINI Dart 350 1988 - 1990 1
MOTO MORINI 9 1/2 2005 - 2006 1
MOTO MORINI 3 1/2 Touring 1973 - 1977 1
MOTO MORINI 175 1954 - 1959 1
MOTO MORINI Corsaro Veloce 2006 - 2007 1
MOTO MORINI 500 GT 1977 - 1981 1
MOTO MORINI Granpasso 1200 2008 - present 3
MOTO MORINI 350 K 2 1984 - 1986 1
MOTO MORINI 250 T 1977 - 1980 1
MOTO MORINI 500 Turbo 1981 - 1982 1
MOTO MORINI Sbarazzino 1956 - 1966 1
MOTO MORINI 501 XE 1985 - 1990 1
MOTO MORINI Corsaro Country 125 1970 - 1974 1

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