Arizona Motorcycle Registration

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

In Arizona, the process of motorcycle registration is basically the same as registering a motor vehicle. However, for a motorcycle, you will pay less registration fees than when you would register a truck or car. The motorcycle titling fee is also minimal.

In Arizona, you will be charged what is referred to as the Vehicle License Tax instead of the personal property tax that is charged by other states. The Vehicle License Tax is based on the motorcycle manufacturer’s retail price. Generally, you will pay less than what you would have paid with personal property tax.

To calculate the Vehicle License Tax, the Arizona MVD will take 60% of manufacturer’s retail price and reduce it by 16.25% for each year that the vehicle has been under registration in Arizona. If you are a mobile home owner, you will pay $7 title fee only.

Emissions Testing

All motorcycles registered in Arizona are exempted from emission inspection. You can, therefore, apply for motorcycle registration even if you don’t have an inspection sticker.

Renewing Your Registration

Renewing your motorcycle registration is a hassle free process. The Arizona MVD has made it straightforward. You can renew your motorcycle registration online and it takes just a few minutes. You will be required to submit your application online and enter your credit card number to pay the registration renewal fee.