Hawaii Motorcycle Registration

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

In Hawaii, motorcycle or scooters must be registered just like any other motor vehicle operating on public roads. The process of motorcycle registration or scooters registration is typically the same as those of motor vehicles. The paperwork for registration is also the same as those of motor vehicles.

Motorcycle Insurance

You will also be required to have minimum liability insurance for your motorcycle in order to apply for motorcycle registration with the Hawaii DMV. Most of the major insurance carriers have offices in Hawaii and they are ready to provide coverage. You might get cheaper insurance cover, if you have completed the Motorcycle Safety Education Program.

Before you dish out cash to buy insurance cover for your bike, consult a number of insurance providers to get the cheapest coverage.

Motorcycle inspection

In Hawaii, you will need to obtain an inspection certificate in order to register your motorcycle with your local DMV office. Your bike must be insured in order to get it inspected. Without insurance, your motorcycle will not be inspected.

Registration costs

If your motorcycle is insured, registration won’t cost you much. You will also pay less than what you would have paid for a car or truck. Basically, the motorcycle registration costs vary depending on the weight of a motorcycle.

Registration Office Locations

  • Oahu.
  • Hawaii County.
  • Maui.