New Mexico Motorcycle Registration

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

Over 60,000 residents in New Mexico own motorcycles. So you are not alone if you have purchased a motorcycle. All you will need to do is to obtain motorcycle registration and title before you operate it on the roads. According to the New Mexico DMV, about 30,000 motorcycles are registered for the road.

You will need to visit your local Motor Vehicle Division office to register and title your motorcycle. The process and documentation needed to get motorcycle registration are similar to those needed when registering a passenger car. So if you have already registered your car in New Mexico, then you are already familiar with the paperwork and process involved.

Even ATVs, motocross, scooters, mopeds and other off-road vehicles undergo the same registration process.

If you have a custom made motorcycle, you will need to follow the registration process of customer-built-vehicle.

Registration Fees

  • Motorcycle: You will need to pay $15 fee plus a $1 fee for tire-recycling annually.
  • Off-road vehicle: You will need to pay $15 fee, valid for two years.
  • Duplicate registration certificate: If your registration certificate is damaged or missing for whatever reason, you will need to pay $1 fee to obtain a duplicate copy.

You can also pay additional fees to get personalized license plates for your motorcycle. The state will charge you $17 on top of your regular motorcycle registration fee annually to keep your license plates.

You can also request a Veteran Motorcycle plate for your motorcycle. You must pay the regular registration fees plus a one-time $9 fee to get this type of motorcycle license.