Tennessee Motorcycle Registration

Last Updated on March 22, 2018 by Jason Mason

If you are registering your motorcycle for the first time in Tennessee, you will need to follow the same process of registering a car for the first time. You can apply for your new motorcycle registration at your local county clerk’s office or at the dealership from which you bought your bike.

If you bought your motorcycle from a dealer, the dealer will handle all the paperwork for motorcycle registration and titling on your behalf. They will also charge you the registration and titling fee at the time of purchase. If you purchased a used motorcycle from a private seller, you will handle the paperwork for registration and titling yourself.

You will need to obtain the certificate of the title or the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) from the seller. You will also need to obtain the bill of sale or vehicle invoice (if the vehicle is new). Then, you will need to submit the above documents to your local county clerk’s office to register your motorcycle. If you are transferring a license plate, you must also take your current motorcycle registration.

If you are registering a used motorcycle obtained from a private seller, you will need to obtain a certificate of title from the seller signed over to you. You must also complete and submit the Odometer Disclosure Statement.

As with vehicle registration and titling, you must present the appropriate documents to show your identity to your local county clerk’s official.

Motorcycles from Out of State

If you are a new resident in Tennessee, you must register and title your motorcycle within 30 days of obtaining residence. The requirements of registering and titling your out-of-state motorcycle are the same as that of registering a motorcycle purchased in Tennessee.

Visit your local county clerk’s office to start the registration and titling process. Be sure to take with you:

  • Out of state Certificate of Title.
  • A copy of your most current registration.
  • The name and address of any lien holder, if applicable.
  • Documents showing proof of identification and residency.

Registration Fees

Your motorcycle registration fees will depend on your county of residence and motorcycle purchase price.

For more information on specific taxes, contact your local county clerk’s office.

Renewing Your Registration

The process of renewing a motorcycle registration is the same as renewing your car’s registration. You will receive a renewal notice in your mail from the DOS. You must note your renewal date in your calendar incase the DOS fails to send you a notice. You will then need to fill out the forms indicated in your renewal notice and return them along with the renewal fees to your local county clerk’s office.