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is really a motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1948 and located in The country, Barcelona. Throughout the very first many years of existence, Oscar Rava, the founding father of the organization, began selling Lancia cars, but due to the truth that The country was experiencing some financial problems, merely a couple of everyone was really thinking about these automobiles.

Following a couple of years, the organization abandoned the Talkabout Guzzi bikes, Motorhispania is becoming  increasingly more thinking about motorcycles. The most known motorcycle models would be the Sport (1981), Mix 50 (1987) and Trail (1990).

Rava bought the license for that 65cc Guzzi mopeds, and shortly selected ISA, an aeronautical firm from Seville, because the company's primary supplier. Probably the most effective models offered by Motorhispania were the Guzzi Lario 110cc, the Guzzi 49cc and also the Dingo 75cc.

The newest motorcycles made by Motorhispania, the RYZ SM 2006 model, has a single cylinder engine outfitted having a liquid air conditioning along with a displacement of 49cmc along with a chain final drive.

Throughout the seventies, Motorhispania began creating its very own models, the very first ones to be the Dingo 49cc, that was first produced in 1973, being then the Feria (1977) and also the Poney (1978).

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