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MTT, which really means Marine Turbine technologies, is definitely a US company located in Franklin, La. What's interesting is the fact that the organization does not produce motorcycles, its primary activity being really manufacturing top end turbines for motorboats.

Returning to parent company, MTT ongoing producing high-speed motorcycles in 2008 by delivering the Street Fighter, another bike outfitted having a gas turbine that could help it to achieve a high speed of believe it or not than 402 km/h. Similar to the previous models, the motorcycle was outfitted by having an automatic gearbox and was run by a Comes Royce Allison engine.

Clearly, it handled to create a " new world " record, the Guinness Book explains it as being the “Most effective production motorcycle” and also the “Most costly produmotorcyclesrcycle.”

Just in case you are still questioning this is among the most effective motorcycles ever produced, discover that it's the second bike on the planet outfitted having a gas turbine, having the ability to achieve an optimum speed of believe it or not than 365 km/h.

Clearly, setting up each one of these high-end features on this type of high-speed motorcycle was pretty costly, so just in case you need to purchase a Y2K, you spend believe it or not than $185,000.

Running a MTT VIN check, is one of the many ways to ensure you are getting your money's worth. Which is why, at VinFreeCheck, we pay close attention in gathering the relevant information so you can be confident that you are getting the perfect motorcycle for yourself. The data we provide includes the following:

  • Vehicle Overview
  • Recalls and Complaints
  • Junk / Salvage Records
  • Motorcycle Engine Specification
  • Motorcycle Specification
  • Motorcycle Fuel Efficiency
  • Estimated Motorcycle Pricing & Value