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Munch is a German motorcycle company founded by Friedel Munch back in the 1950s. The founder, Friedel Munch used to work as a local mechanic and engine tuner and had experience with the Horex motorcycles in particular. Horex noted the success of these motorcycles custom tuned by Munch and offered him a job in their competition department. Later on, when Horex ceased production, Munch bought its remaining stocks and started producing his own bikes.

Munch Motorcycles was known mainly for its ‘Mammoth’, which was a four-cylinder superbike with an NSU car engine. With a top speed of around 115 miles per hour, the Mammoth was easily the most powerful and the most expensive motorcycle all over the German market at that time. The company also agreed to supply all the spare parts and replacements once it was out in the market, although only a limited number was sold. The Mammoth was the first true superbike in all of Europe and set a high standard for all the bikes to follow.

These bikes were extra-expensive and hence did not sell a lot. Unfortunately, the company did not stay in business for long and released a very limited number of units in the market. Still, Munch remains to be one of the most well-known and remembered brands in the motorcycle market.

Interesting Facts About Munch

  • In July 1966, Murit, who was a well-known motorcyclist at that time, rode the Mammoth at the head of a procession from the Val d’Isere up to Col de I’lseran, which is the second-highest mountain pass in all of Europe.
  • Most of the bikes Munch produced were hand-built, and hence way more expensive than the other superbikes at that time.
  • The total number of motorbikes Munch manufactured was really low. The number was a little less than 500.
  • Out of the 320 remaining models of Munch motorbikes all over the world, the US alone has around 100 models.

Supported VIN CHECK FOR MUNCH Models

MUNCH MAMUTH 2000 2001 - present 1
MUNCH MAMUTH 4TTS 1967 - 1975 1

Where to find my VIN Number?

You can find your VIN through the lower right of the windshield, and under the hood of your front engine.

As for Motorcycle VIN, you can lookup your VIN on the motorcycle frame, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires all "two wheelers" or "three wheelers" or ATV to have the VIN displayed on the frame.

You can also do a VIN lookup or VIN number lookup on your insurance card/policy. You can learn more on how to locate your VIN from our guides as shown on the right side.

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