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MV Agusta is definitely an Italian motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1945. The organization comes from the Agusta aviation company founded by Count Giovanni Agusta in 1923. 4 years after he founded the aviation company, Augusta died and left the company to his four sons, Domenico, Vincenzo, Mario and Corrado. Among the four siblings, Vincenzo made the decision to produce the MV Agusta motorcycle manufacturing company which launched the very first prototype in 1945. What's interesting is the fact that Vincenzo desired to title the organization Vespa but, because of the scooter launched by Piaggio, they chosen MV 98.

Certainly the most important MV Agusta type of that point, the 750 Sport, that was a really costly model, was up-to-date and re-named to 1975S America. Furthermore, it had been then introduced around the U.S. market like a move designed to help the organization evolve around the US industry. Due to the dying of a couple of its proprietors, Vincenzo Agusta (1958) and Domenico Agusta (1971), the organization began going through financial problems so in 1980 the motorcycle company was closed.

Although many people were predicting a vibrant future for that recently-bought a company, Proton made the decision to market it so Agusta wound up once more in Italian possession, being bought through the financial institution GEVI Health spa.

Throughout the nineteen fifties and also the sixties, MV Agusta created small displacement bikes, but because sales were beginning to visit lower, the organization made the decision to target more about bigger displacement bikes. Consequently, they produced a 250cc model, a 350cc, in addition to a 600cc four-cylinder bike that was later enhanced and changed right into a 750cc bike known as the 750 Sport (1970). The most known small displacement bikes from the 50s and 60s and made by MV Agusta were the Pullman, the Turismo Rapido and also the Raid.

However, in 1997, MV Agusta was bought by Cagiva, who elevated the company and launched a completely new 750cc MV Agusta model range, named F4 750. The series was interrupted in 2004 when the organization was bought by Proton, a Malaysian vehicle manufacturer.

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