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NCR was created in 1967, in Via Signorini, around the western and surrounding suburbs of Bologna. The 3 founders, Rino Caracchi, Giorgio Nepoti and Rizzi, began building motorcycles in line with the famous Ducati platforms. For roughly 3 decades, before the early 90s, being assisted by Franco Farnè, Recchia, Pedretti, Cavazzi and Taglioni, the organization handled to produce a number of bikes able to winning world-class competitions. The favourite the first is the Ducati 900NCR which Mike Hailwood won the 1978 F1 World Championship within the Isle of Guy. The NCR team was the very first official racing team of Ducati.

Annually later, at the EICMA Fair in Milan (Salone Del Ciclo e Motociclo), NCR introduced the “naked” prototype, MACCHIA NERA, accordingthe Superbike 998RS enginegine. This motorcywas builtuilt with a weight of 135 kg (297 pounds) and created 185 horsepower. In 2004, the 100ONE prototype joined pre-series production and introduced its intends to go into the Supertwins Italian championship. The very first official racer for that new NCR Racing Team is Gian Maria Liverani, who won two thirds races.

Nowadays, the NCR limited series, according to Ducati's platforms are available all over the world. The entire year 2002 was pretty essential for NCR as the organization released certainly one of its most widely used models, the 100ONE.

Throughout the 70s, Ducati didn’t take part in racing competitions and due to this, engines and chassis received to NCR to be able to be enhanced. Forever, the alliance between Ducati and NCR impressed everybody and besides Hailwood, other famous motorists competed with NCR, the highest being Cannellas, Grau, Perugini, Francini, Ricci, Gardner and Spencer.

In The Year 2006, the NCR CORSE Racing division was formally released, getting involved in multiple Supertwins and Ducati Desmo Challenge competitions.

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