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Norton is really a British motorcycle manufacturer founded in the finish from the 1800s. The very first Norton motorcycle was formally released in 1902 also it would be a bicycle outfitted having a Belgian Clement engine. In 1908, the 633cc Large 4 was released while another eight Norton model become available twelve months later. The Norton logo design was created in 1916 exactly the same year when the organization moves right into a new along with a bigger office needed through the impressive growth it recorded.

The very first OHV motorcycle, the Model 18, was created in 1922, being probably the most appreciated bikes ever launched by Norton. For example, because of the performance supplied by OHV Norton, Alec Bennett won the Senior TT in 1924. Another notable win was recorded in 1926, when Stanley Forest won the Senior TT.

1966 marks the start of the introduction of the Commando model that was really launched twelve months later. The Road Scrambler and Hi Driver are released in 1971, however, in 1976 producing the Commando is stopped due to the British reaction.

Regrettably, Norton experienced financial problems as well as in 1953, the organization was offered to AMC, an organization which shuts the primary Norton Factory in Birmingham and transfers the development towards the Woolwich factory in Southeast London.

Throughout the nineteen forties, Norton began creating bikes for that military, however, in 1948 the organization become pretty thinking about the U.S. market that could assist the British firm increase the amount of clients. Norton's motorcycles began ruling Motorsports with Ulsterman Reg Remedy winning both Senior and Junior TT races in 1952 while twelve months later, Ray Amm wins each of them again.

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