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Every year, car buyers fall into different schemes that lead to loss of money or buying of cars with illegal details. Over the years, numerous vehicles have been sold with VINs duplicated from other vehicles with the same specification. The best way to ensure you are not a victim to this scam is by running a VIN check online. You can run a VIN check for free online from VinFreeCheck.com. On this site, you can run free license plate lookup for any vehicle in Ohio. It gives you access to data about the history of the vehicle. Information you can get includes title information, past ownerships, accurate odometer readings, salvage records and liens.

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    License Plate Lookup in Ohio

    License plates in Ohio are issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). All vehicles are required to have front and rear plates, while motorcycles require having one license plate. The requirements needed for license plate registration vary depending on the type of license plates applied for. New owners or new Ohio residents can register their vehicles with the BMV registration office close to their place of residence.  

    To be able to drive in Ohio, you also need to have a valid state approved car insurance. Residents who are under the age of 26 and reside in Geauga, Cuyahoga, Lorain, Lake, Portage, Medina, and Summit counties are required to take their vehicle for testing every two years.

    Four numbers and three letters characterize license plates issued in Ohio for passenger cars. You can file for a license plate replacement if you have mutilated ones or you lose your plates. It takes about four weeks to have your request approved.

    Where to find my Ohio plate number?

    Generally, you can easily your plate number easily by looking at the issued license plate attached to your car. However, there are instances you need to lookup car license plates without having access to the car physically, you can look it up at you car's Ohio registration card.

    Ohio vehicle registration card

    Type of Vehicle License Plates You can Apply For in Ohio

    There are numerous types of license plates you can register for in Ohio. Generally, you can choose between seven types of specialized license plates in Ohio. They include:

    • Collegiate license plates
    • Company logo plates
    • Military license plates
    • Organizational license plates
    • Disability license plate/placards
    • Professional sports license plates
    • Public owned license plates

    Titling your license plates in Ohio

    As a title applicant, you need to fill out a form by following the instructions on the form. You are also required to comply with the requirements to be able to qualify for titling. All forms are to be sent to the Ohio Title office. It is important to note that titling a new car has different regulations from titling used vehicles. When submitting your titling application, you need to have the taxes and fees ready. Submitting your titling application later than within the required timeline will attract penalty fees.

    Vehicles owned by more than one person can only be titled if the owners are physically present at the time of titling. You will also be required to produce your social security numbers as the owners of the motor vehicle. If the vehicle you want to title has an active lien, you need to indicate it in your application.

    If you just purchased a used car, the seller needs to indicate their intent to sell at the back of the title. They are also required to disclose any important details of the sales agreement. Important information to be declared in the sales agreement include the correct odometer reading and the sale date. The new owner should have the sales document notarize before submission as part of the titling documents. Always ensure that the details presented in the title form are accurate. Attempt to remove or change information on the title will render your request invalid.

    Where do these data come from?

    We rely on multiple sources to compile our license plate report. Many of our sources come from governmental entities such as the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). We also regularly check the car auction inventories to track various vehicle's condition.

    Is it Legal for me do a reverse license plate search?

    Yes, we are in compliant with the Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), as we do not disclose information about the vehicle's owner personal details. Our license plate lookup does a reverse lookup to obtain the VIN number and query the vehicle history reports for it. Nothing in our report is personably identifiable to a particular individual.

    Additionally, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows any individual the right to access to information collected by the government. There's no reason for you not to give our auto license plate lookup tool a try. It's totally legal and FREE!

    State Based Informational Guides

    We have compiled a list of state specific guides for you. Feel free to check them out.

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