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Peugeot Motorcycles is mainly noted for as being a subsidiary from the famous French vehicle manufacturer Peugeot. However, the motorcycles built by Peugeot are pretty popular all over the world, being outfitted with advanced engines featuring. The motorcycle division of Peugeot saw the daylight a very long time ago once the two cousins, Eugene and Armand Peugeot, made the decision to begin their very own companies. Because Eugene was searching for a factory that will have the ability to start manufacturing motorcycles, he used the disposable space within the Beaulieu factory formerly utilized by Armand.

Peugeot ongoing the introduction of motorcycles the following years therefore the first real motorcycle arrived 1901, being revealed in the Paris Exhibition which happened exactly the same year. Named Motobicyclette, the bike were built with a Swiss ZL engine having a displacement of 198cc which created 1.5 horsepower. Furthermore, the motorcycle was outfitted having a belt final drive. 2 yrs later, Peugeot folded out a bicycle that could produce 5 horsepower coupled with the engine installed within the frame, when compared with the very first bike which in fact had the engine mounted perpendicularly around the rear wheel.

Since the organization made important stages in the expansion process, Peugeot made the decision to go in racing competitions so believe it or not than five motorcycles, creating 3.5 horsepower joined the Paris-Madrid race within the 1903 season. And speaking about racing occasions, Peugeot joined the 1914 season, having a 500cc, twin  cylinder engine which handled to conquer the rate record that was formerly of 122 km/h. Even though it did not record a lot of victories, it introduced numerous wins following the war.

Time went by and Peugeot began experiencing problems because of the British competition, which often offered attractive motorcycles supplying both effective engines and occasional prizes. To be able to contend with the British rivals, Peugeot manufactured two 500cc motorcycles outfitted with 4-stroke engines, named 515 and 517. Introduced in 1933 at the Paris Exhibition, the 515 sets a " new world " round-the-clock record in the Montihery race, reaching a typical speed of 118.747 km/h.

However, the very first official bike made by Peugeot was really a tricycle and was a direct result a partnership between your French company and Dion Bouton who provided the 239.5cc engine. What's interesting is the fact that these automobiles were pretty effective for the reason that period, mostly because of their low cost.

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