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In 1884, a twenty years old boy named Rinaldo Piaggio founded Piaggio, a Genoa-based firm which initially manufactured locomotives along with other parts. Following a couple of years, the organization began creating rail carriages, goods vans, coaches, engines and truck physiques while throughout the The First World War it also produced planes and seaplanes. In 1917, Piaggio made the decision to purchase a brand new plant in Pisa while after 4 years it broadened with a brand new one out of Pontedera. This latest addition is really where Vespa, a famous title around the motorcycle market, began a long time later. Even though this plant was massively broken by tanks, Enrico Piaggio, Rinaldo's boy, had the assets to rebuild it.

150 GS only agreed to be another attractive model that was said is “the most widely used, copied and appreciated model”. This Vespa model could achieve a high speed of believe it or not than 100 km/h.

Following the war was ended, Enrico Piaggio desired to develop a bike that might be addressed to a myriad of customers and most importantly, an inexpensive product open to these.

By 1988, believe it or not than tens of millions of Vespa models were already offered, the Vespa PX model most likely representing the greatest success of the organization. Returning to the very first Vespa, it had been run by a 98 cc engine, had 3.2 bhp at 4,500 revoltions per minute and may achieve a high speed of 60 km/h. However, it had been stored being produced for just 2 yrs, being then changed by more recent models. The Vespa 125 was a bit not the same as the 98 edition, being outfitted having a different engine as well as with rear suspension. The 1953 Vespa 125 included a far more effective engine which created 5 bhp at 5,000 revoltions per minute along with a top speed of 75 km/h.

Vesper won lots of honors, being referred to because the best Italian motorcycle after Giancarlo Tironi, an Italian student, handled to achieve the Arctic Circle riding a Vespa. In 1980, two Vespa PX 200 scooters arrived at the conclusion type of the 2nd Paris-Dakar rally, which underlined, once more, that Piaggio built probably the most advanced scooters within the history.

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